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What is the Walkway of the church?


What is a Cross bar?


Where congregation sat (church)


New president of france is?

François hollande, socialist

What contnent is france located?


What shape is france?

Hexagon (six sides)

How many sides of france is surrounded by water?

3 sides

Again How many sides of france surrounded by land?

3 sides also

What is the largest country in western europe?


What state is france the same size of?


What is the road that surrounds paris?

La périphérique

How many km is the ring road?

36 km

How many miles is paris?


How many miles accross?


What allows peope into paris?

Doors or gates

What river runs through paris?

La seine river

The left bank is called?

La rive gauche

The right bank is called?

La rive droite

How many districts are in paris?


whats the population of paris and its suburbs?

12 million

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