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Angie DalBello's class final review


A general pardon offered to a group of law violators is known as __________.


The procedure during which the judge reads the formal charge against the defendant and the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty.

affirmative action

A policy designed to give special attention to or compensatory treatment for members of some previously disadvantaged group.

appellate jurisdication

the lawful authority of a court to review a decision made by a lower court


________ is money paid to guarantee that the accused will appear at the trial.

balance the ticket

When a presidential candidate chooses a running mate who can strengthen his chance of being elected by virtue of certain ideological, geographic, racial, ethnic, gender, or other characteristics

Brown vs. Board of Education



An officer of court having custody of prisoners under arraignment.


Government administrators


The informal advisory group brought together by the President to serve his needs.


_________ is the restriction of ideas in speech and writing.

carry out

The main purpose of the executive branch is to _______ the law.


A count of the people is known as a _____. This is done nationally every 10 years.

change of venue

new trial location


______ law is when the government is trying someone for a crime.


The state of _______ has the most electoral college votes.

Concurring Opinion



_______ law protects private rights.

Concurrent Jurisdiction


Chief Citizen

As ________, the president is a representative of all Americans and should be a moral leader.

Chief of State

As ________, the President is the ceremonial head of our government.

Commander in Chief


Chief Legislator

As __________, the President molds the Congressional agenda.

Chief Diplomat

As ________, the President makes foreign policy.



de jure segregation


de facto segregation



A synonym for a liberal person is _________.


Typically, ________ favor expanding the rights of homosexuals.

double jeopardy

______ means that you cannot be tried for the same crime more than.





exclusive jurisdiction

_______ is when a case can be heard only in a federal court, not in a State court.



Elena Kagan


establishment clause


executive agreement

A(n) ________ is a pact made by the President with the head of a foreign state.

ex post facto law

A(n) _________ punishes people for a crime that was not a crime when they did it.

eminent domain

The government has the power of _______, to take private property for public use.

exclusionary rule

The ______ states that evidence gained by an illegal act cannot be used against a person.

electoral college

The _______ is a group of people chosen from each state to make a formal selection of the President.

exclusive jurisdiction



This executive agency, the _______, insures and guarantees the money we put in banks.

free exercise clause


Franklin D Roosevelt

_________ was president for the most number of years.

gag order


Gideon vs. Wainwright


Gregg vs. Georgia

In ______, the Supreme Court upheld the idea that the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment.

"guilty beyond a reasonable doubt"


Hillary Clinton


hung jury

A ________ is a jury which cannot agree on a specific verdict.


_____ is the first state to hold a caucus in a presidential election year.




_______ is a formal charge brought against a public official by the lower house in a legislative body.




The main purpose of the judicial branch is to ________ the law.


A person who is already in office is known as a(n) _________.

"innocent until proven guilty"


John Roberts


John F. Kennedy


judicial review

The Supreme Court case Marbury vs. Madison in 1803 is a landmark case because it established the principle of _______.

Joe Biden

Our current Vice-President is _______.

keynote address


Kathleen Sebelius



When it comes to political ideology, a person who is in the middle is known as a _________.

Miranda rights


Mapp vs. Ohio



The Supreme Court can reverse a decision. The majority opinion today could become the _______ opinion tomorrow.

majority vote

In order to become a Supreme Court Justice, one must be approved by the U.S Senate with a ________.

New Jersey vs. T.L.O.


original jurisdiction

A court in which a case is first heard has ___________.


The legal forgiveness of a crime is known as a _______.

popular vote plan

The ______ is one solution to the problems with the electoral college. It would do away with the electoral college and allow direct election of the president through popular election.

peremptory challenge


probable cause

________ must be established for a warrant to be issued.


Typically, Democrats are ________, meaning they favor conservation of natural resources and strong environmental laws against pollution.

proportional plan


presidential succession

The 25th Amendment deals with __________.


The _______ initiates a suit.

presidential tenure



Supreme Court decisions are used as ________ to be followed in similar cases as they arise in lower courts or when they reach the Supreme Court.

pocket veto



The _______ has the power to nominate Supreme Court justices.

Plessy vs. Ferguson



A _________ is a basic statement of the party's principles and its stand on major policy matters.

plea bargain

A _________ is when a defendant makes an agreement that allows him to plead to a lesser charge instead of a more serious one.

President of the Senate

The Vice President also acts as the ______.

Roe vs. Wade



A provision, unlikely to pass on its own merit, added to an important bill certain to pass, to increase its chances of passing is known as a ________.


A synonym for a conservative person is a __________.


Typically, _______ usually favor spending more money on national defense.

Republican party


Ronald Reagan

_______ was the oldest president ever elected. He was 69.

search warrant

A _________ is given by the court and allows the police to look for evidence.

Speaker of the House

The _______ is second in line to succeed should something happen to the President.

safety nets

Democrats believe it is the duty of society to help the less fortunate through government _______, which exist to help those in need, i.e., welfare.


A ______ is sent to someone telling them they might be called for jury duty.



South Dakota vs. Dole




Supreme Court


Supreme Court


Tinker vs. Des Moines



A _______ is a specified length of time served by elected officials in their elected offices. The President's is 4 years, a Senator's is 6 years, a Representative's is 2 years.

University of California vs. Bakke



To refuse to sign is to _______.

vice president

The ________ is the first in line to succeed should something happen to the President.

"winner takes all, loser takes nothing"



We live in the _____ congressional district of Kansas.


___ Presidents have been assassinated.


Kansas has ____ electoral college votes


Kansas sends ____ people (Senators plus Representatives) to Washington D.C to serve in Congress.


___ presidents have succeeded to the presidency (through the process of presidential succession).


In order to be President, you must be at least ________ years old.


It takes ______ electoral college votes to win the Presidency.


A court action to release a person or corporation from unpaid debts is known as _______.

Lee Harvery Oswald

__________ shot John F. Kennedy.


California has _______ electoral college votes


The maximum number of years a person could be President is _____ years.


The current salary of the President is $________.


Typically, Democrats support a woman's right to have an _______.


The city of Shawnee is broken up into four _______, a smaller area or political boundry which is represented by two city council members.


A _______ is a densely settled territory adjacent to a central city.

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