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We Survive

Indian Humor by Vine Deloria Jr.
"For centuries before the white invasion, teasing was a method of control of social situations by Indian people. Rather than embarrass members of the tribe publicly, people used to tease individuals they considered out of step with the consensus of tribal opinion."
Indian Humor by Vine Deloria Jr.
"Tribes are being brought together by sharing humor of the past."
Indian Humor by Vine Deloria Jr.
"Humor, all Indians will agree, is the cement by which the coming Indian movement is held together. When a people can laugh at themselves and laugh at others and hold all aspects of life together without letting anybody drive them to extremes, then it seems to me that that people can survive."
An Indian's Looking-glass for the White Man by William Apess
"By what you read, you may learn how deep your principles are. I should say they were skin-deep."
The Game Between the Jews and the Indians Is Tied Going Into the Bottom of the Ninth Inning by Sherman Alexie
"that we are both survivors and children and grandchildren of survivors."
The Man to Send Rainclouds by Leslie Silko
"He sprinkled more water; he shook the container until it was empty, and the water fell through the light from sundown like August rain that fell while the sun was still shining, almost evaporating before it touched the wilted squash flowers."
The Man to Send Rainclouds by Leslie Silko
"He felt good becasue it was finished, and he was happy about the sprinkling of the holy water; now the old man could send them big thunderclouds for sure."
Metamorphosis by Joy Harjo
"The discrepancy between his world of loss and images of horse on the plains could only be met first with anger."
Metamorphosis by Joy Harjo
"She was trying to go home-to a home that was not there."
The Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window by Joy Harjo
"She is all the women of the apartment building who stand watching her, watching themselves."
The Big Snow and Flood Rampage of 1892-1893 by Mourning Dove
"Out of respect for the dead and their kind deeds, I will not use the real name of this woman but will supply a substitute."
Street Kid by duane Niatum
"When this new home stops calling on memory, As well as my nickname, Injun Joe, Given to me by the brothers, The Blacks, the Chicanos, the others growing Lean as this solitude..."
Captured By the Enemy by Chahadineli Benally
"Somehow, she got hold of them. In one letter it was written that the man was willing to pay a high price for her and that he would come any day now."