Phrasal verbs: get, give, go

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get smth across
to successfully communicate information to other people
get along with
to like each other and are friendly to each other
get along
to deal with a situation, especially successfully
get at
to mean something
get away with
to succeed in doing something bad or wrong without being punished or criticized
get by
to be able to live or deal with a situation with difficulty, usually by having just enough of something you need, such as money
get down
to make someone feel unhappy
get down to
to start doing something seriously and with a lot of attention and effort
get on
1) to go onto a bus, train, aircraft, or boat; 2) to make progress
get out
to become known to others
get over
to begin to feel better after being unhappy or ill
get through
1) to deal with a difficult or unpleasant experience successfully, or to help someone do this; 2) to finish doing or using something
give away
1) to give something to someone without asking for any money; 2) to let someone know a secret, often without intending to
give in
to accept that you have been beaten and agree to stop competing or fighting
give off
to produce heat, light, a smell, or a gas
give out
to distribute
give up
1) to stop trying to think of the answer to a joke or question; 2) to abandon a habit
go away
to disappear
go for
to try to have or achieve something
go off
1) to explode; 2) to stop working (light); 3) to be too old to eat (food)
go on
1) to continue doing something; 2) to do something else in the future
go out
1) to stop producing light; 2) to have a romantic relationship with smb
go over
to talk or think about something in order to explain it or make certain that it is correct
go through
1) to experience a difficult or unpleasant situation; 2) to carefully examine the contents of something or a collection of things in order to find something
go with
to match
go down with
to become ill, usually with an illness that is not very serious
go without
to not have something that you usually have