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Roman Architecture

two major contributions to roman architecture
Arch, Concrete
Three manipulations of the arch
Barrel vault-simplest/groin vault (double barrel), Arcade-arches side by side, dome-arch spun 360 degrees
What was the concrete made of?
lime, volcanic ash, sand, and stone
Most of these were in urban areas
Triumphal arches
built for emperors, war heroes-older ones have 3 arches
Arch of Titus
81 AD brother built it for him
Arch of constantine
312-315 AD (has 3 arches)
Arc di Triomphe
Located in Paris 1806-36 for napoleon
Multiple arches together
carried water long distances. engineering marvel, 11 served rome,150 gal. a day
Emperor Claudius
helped build 2 aqueducts, had a stutter and a limp
where did the water from the aqueducts go?
Kings and nobles, public drinking, and the public bathes
Cloaca Maxima
Where the sewage from the cities went
The Colosseum
first known as the Flavian Ampitheatre, 80 arches
Ground level of the colosseum
Doric columns
2nd level of the colosseum
Ionic columns
3rd level of the colosseum
4th level of the Colosseum
Engaged Corinthian-columns built into the walls
large canopy used to to cover/shade the colosseum, took 1000 men to raise
colosseum's exits
The Pantheon
temple built by Hadrean, 120-127 AD
the eye of the pantheon, opening at the top of the pantheon, sun shined on a different god throughout the day
140 of them on the pantheon, made of poured concrete
Marcus Agrippa
receives most of the credit for the pantheon, name is on the front
two prototypes of christian buildings
The Basilica-Latin cross plan; the central plan-greek cross plan
originally a civic building for gov't purpose-- examples: basilica of constantine, and old st.peters c. 333
Central plan church
dome, ex: the pantheon
the purpose of the baths
meeting place, hygiene, holy spas, for everyone
baths of Caracalla
built by emperor caracalla to try and cleanse his sins, around 212-216 AD, had hot and cold pools, shopping centers