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Pre-AP Unit 7 CBA Study Guide ( Go Rams)

What is the impact of a major tsunami to a coastal area?
coastal flooding, loss of life, buildings and crops damaged by the sea water rushing in
What are the ways a tsunami can be created?
underwater volcano, underwater earthquake, landslide, asteroid impact
What causes hurricanes to strengthen?
warm water, heat from the sun for evaporation and wind to occur
What is the difference between an inference and an observation?
an inference is an assumption, you think something occurred but it isn't stated
an observation data or knowledge that is stated
Three main parts of a hurricane
eye, eye wall, rain bands
Describe the eye of a hurricane
the center of the hurricane in which the storm rotates, the winds are calm, skies are clear, and the pressure is low.
Describe the eye walls of a hurricane
surrounds the eye, most damaging winds and rain, storm surge,
Describe the rain bands of a hurricane.
dense rain clouds that spiral around the eye wall
Describe/define a tornado
a vortex of violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground
What is the scale used to determine the strength and damage that a tornado can cause?
Enhanced Fujita Scale
What are the immediate impacts of a large volcanic eruption?
environment covered in ash, plants die, lava flow burns everything in its path
What are the long-term impacts of a large volcanic eruption?
the area needs to undergo primary succession again, but soil will be very fertile.
What scale measures earthquakes?
Richter Scale (based on measurement from a seismograph)
What scale measures hurricanes?
Saffir-Simpson Scale
What scale measures tornadoes?
Enhanced Fujita Scale
What creates a drought?
no rainfall
What environmental concerns do they create?
more chance of fires, damage to plants and animals, increased erosion rate
What will strengthen a hurricane?
low pressure, high humidity, warm water
What will weaken a hurricane?
cold water, hitting land
What other natural disasters can a thunderstorm create?
hail, lightning that can spark fires, tornadoes
If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, what things will increase your chance of survival?
evacuating (if told), going inland, not underground, have a disaster supply kit: water, food, cash, full tank of gas
What is the formula to find the mass and volume for an irregular solid?
water displacement with graduated cylinder
What is the formula to find the mass and volume for a regular solid?
Length times width times height (ruler)
What is the difference between a watch and a warning?
a watch means that conditions are favorable and likely to occur, a warning means that the event was confirmed, seek shelter
Why does tornado alley have such ideal weather conditions to spawn tornadoes in the spring and early summer?
The cold dry air from Canada mixes with the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico
What is a P wave?
Primary wave (faster)
What is an S wave?
Secondary wave (slower but more destructive)
What is a manipulated variable?
independent variable: the variable you control
What is a responding variable?
dependent variable: the variable that you measure to see how it responds to the independent (manipulated) variable
what is a controlled variable?
the variable(s) that are constant or unchanged in the experiment