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Renaissance Art Class

Invented in Netherlands. Allowed for naturalism, light perspective, luminosity, transparency
high renaissance style
grand moment. developed in florence and rome. based on study of ancient architecture and sculpture. monumental in scale. energetic in design/ rhetorical. posture and gesture = dramatic moment when something is changing
made in brussels. wool/gold/silver thread. weaver works in reverse. also from behind
tapestry functions
insulation, decoration, temporary
Steps for Raphael's Tappestoies
modello -- square transfer, charcoal, gum arabic, painted drawings... assistant team
• Marble skin
• Twisting forms
• Complicated composition
• References to the antique
• Aritifcial lighting
• incongruous special settings
• Definite contours
• Cannot see the brushtrokes
CRANARCH Venus and Cupid - 1530
• Cupid has honeycomb
• Getting stung
• Venice with a cool hat and necklace
o Erotic suggestion
• Nature
• Apple
o Adam and Eve
o Associated with Eve
• Power of women
o Suggested pain that will follow because cupid has been stung
• Different kind of beauty
• Luther was buddies with him
• She is associated with the modern aworld and with landscape and with sin biblically
• Painting in wet plaster
• Worked in given areas
• Essentially invented by Italians
Elizabeth Painting
• Virgin Queen ⇒ white
• Massive - bigger than the world
o England is on top of the world
• Compared to the prince of light


Courtier showing veneration
• Replacement for the virgin mary
• Protestant reformation
Henry VIII Portrait Cartoon
• Drawing on the same scale
• Start with
o Sketch
o Life drawing
o Pouncing - perforated blew charcoal threw
• In Whitehall
• Burned down
• 1430s
• His father, his mother, his wife, son
• Privy Chamber in Whitehall - where he would receive guests
o Represent power, authority, dynastic continuity
Hans Holbein
court painter (Court painter
• Servants
• Privileges
• Disadvantages
o Do everything the king wishes - chimney, jewelry, etc)
TITIAN's Bacchus
Alfonso D'Este (for his Studiolo that had a bunch of drunk people portraits)

Commissioned story of Adrioneo She helped Theseus get out of the labyrinth with the Minotaur
o He ditches her on the island
• Bacchus: join the party
Where precious objects go
Venus Incest
Bronsina 1540 for ruler of Venice

Father time - hourglass on soldier and wings
Woman who has a shell for a face - forgetfulness?
• Either covering or uncovering

Girl holding honeycomb - half reptile with scorpian stinger
• Monster
• Represent deceit and temptation maybe envy (vice)

Little boy
• Bangles on his ankle
• Thorn has gone through his right foot
• Forced celebration

Envy - green awful

Cost of illicit pleasure

Gift from ruler of Florence to france
→ FREnch disease
joke between the two of them (LOL SYPHILIS)
From Woodcut: • Carver cuts into the woods
• Ink it, put it in a press,
o Cut into the copper plate
o Sharp instrument
o Drawing in reverse
o Cover the plate in wax
o Acid bath
• Goes in where the gaps are
• Bites into the metal
• Acid bites arethe lines
Melancholia I
• Subtletly in Engraving
• Tone - her eyes glint in the darkness
• Differences in texture
• Uses traces - 20 different kind of effects
• Symbol of lost inspiration
• 4 Temperaments
o Also humors
o Black bile
o WAS a temperment
o Connected with astrology
• Posture
• Downed her tools
• Strange geometric objects
o References to measurement and time
• Dog - Churchill's black dogs