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  1. Czechoslovakia
  2. Axis
  3. Japanese empire
  4. Allies
  5. Benito Mussolini
  1. a fell into military warlord's hands
  2. b country taken over by Germany
  3. c U.S., Great Britain, Free France
  4. d Italian dictator
  5. e Germany, Italy and Japan

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  1. powerful German air force
  2. a policy involving many countries
  3. the Germans "weak point"
  4. Great Britain prime minister
  5. a loose pledge between Germany, Italy and Japan

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  1. Sudenlandthe Germanic part of Czechoslovakia


  2. Dec. 7 1941National Socialist Party


  3. Bernard MontgomeryItalian dictator


  4. Hideki Tojobecame powerful under Benito Mussolini


  5. MunichU.S., Great Britain, Free France