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improvise stage business or convo

at rise

who and what are onstage when curtain opens


area behind set, not visible to audience; includes dressing rooms, shops and offices


acting role with very few lines

blocking yourself

getting behind furniture or other actors so you cannot be seen by audience

building a scene

using dramatic devices, such as increased tempo, volume, and emphasis, to bring a scene to a climax


any specific action (other than changing location) performed such as picking up a book


center stage


movement in opposite direction to balance the stage


to obstruct the view of the audience; use of ad-lib to cover an unexpected, unwanted event during performance


movement by an actor from one location on stage to another


last words, action, or tech effect the immediately precedes any line or business; stage signal


curtain or drapery that shuts off the stage from audience


to stop action, omit

cut in

to break into the speech of another character


part of stage toward the audience

dressing the stage

placing furnishings, pictures etc to balance a set; keeping the stage picture balanced during the action


move onto the stage


leave the stage


giving lines and action in such a way that another actor can make a point or get a laugh


acting role used for personality comparison, usually w/ main character

hand props

items carried onstage by an individual player


to emphasize a word or line w/ extra force

holding for laughs

waiting for the audience to quiet down after a funny line or scene

leading center

body part or feature that leads movements; often reflects character's personality

left and right

action that refers to actor's point of view

master gesture

distinctive action that serves as a clue to a character's personality

shakepeares advice

1. speak lines as written
2. understand what you are saying
3. do not use extra movements
4. do not make extra noises
5. let energy build

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