52 terms

Honors Federal Government - Volcskai

President Termlength
4 years
13th Amendment
Abolished slavery
How many years can the president serve?
10 years
current office holder
court order halting a specific action
addition or change to the Constitution
Prior Restraint
cant curb ideas before they are expressed
mixing of races
Literacy Test
test used to deny African Americans the right to vote
Grandfather Clause
Clause that allowed whites to vote if their ancestors voted
Delegated Powers
powers granted to the National Government in the Constitution
the institution through which society makes and enforces public policy
U.S. Congressmen (H.R.)
Lou Barletta 11th District
to bring formal charges against an elected official
Terms the President can serve
2 terms
Number of Representatives guaranteed from each state
Women Suffrage
granting women the right to vote, 19th Amendment
all those eligible to vote, voting population
tactic used in the Senate to hault a vote on a bill
Concurrent Powers
powers shared by the National Gov. and States
redistributing the seat in the House after each census
Magna Carta
English document that first granted rights to the people
Release from punishment or legal consequences for a crime
formal approval
the body of laws setting out the principles, structure, and processes of gov.
15th Amendment
Granted African Americans the right to vote
Tinker v. Des Moines
Supreme Court Case in which Mary Beth Tinker wore a black armband to school to protest the Vietnam War. Student protest speech was protected and the case was in Mary Beth Tinker's favor
Reserved Powers
powers not given to the National Gov. are reserved to the States
Miranda Rights
due process once arrested
Civil Rights
rights defensed from possible gov. abuse
Natural Born Citizen
Person born in the U.S.
Intro to the Constitution
separation of races
money given to the states by the Federal Gov.
Number of members in the Senate
26th Amendment
lowered voting age from 21 to 18
14th Amendment
Due process and Equal Protection Clause in the Constitution
Civil Liberties
powers protected from possible government abuse
Clear and Present Danger
Obvious harm near or close by
Naturalized citizen
someone who moves to the US to take a citizenship test
Number of members in the House
3 Requirements for Voting
1. must be 18 2. must be US citizen 3.must have residency in the state you live in
Bill of Rights
First 10 Amendments of the Constitution
Jim Crow Laws
Laws aimed to discriminate against African Americans in the South
Brown v. Board of Education
Supreme Court case which outlawed segregation in schools
Name our two US senators
Pat Toomey, Bob Casey Jr.
Poll Tax
tax need in order to vote, used to disenfranchise African Americans
1 body of Congress
to make or set an example
President's Cabinet
Group of advisers chosen by the President
supporting two parties
to gather wiht others in support of a common cause