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Behavior change model includes 6 stages of change with describes the process of people go through to make change

transtheoretical model

which stage of change is relapse most common?


eat fast food 5 times a week but am planning to chagne in the next six months


have control over other events in their lives siad to have ...

locus of control

fitness relates to ability to perform activities of daily living without undue fatigue and creaed low riskof disease

health related fitness

RHR is

60 or less is good

blood pressure


3 dimensions of wellness are...

social, physical, spiritual, environmental, financial, emotional

recommneded amount of physical activity in one day

30 min of moderate activities most days of week

only 100% way to protect from STD


used to presvent HPV


women with an STD are suceptable to ..


most common symptom of gonorrhea is


natural state of equilibrium



good stress

calm type

type B

general adaptation syndrom- 3 stages

alarm response, resistance, alarm recovery

used to gain control of your attention by clearing the mind and blocking out


fastest growing drug in US


#1 drug problem


#1 addictive behavior that a person could quit to improve health


movements of cells from one part of the body to another


5 lifestyle risk factors that decrease risk of cancer?

less red meat, less estrogen, healthy weight, less nitrous food, adequate sun exposure

calculate HRR

220-age= MHR
HRR * intensity + age= THR

number of calories in 1 gram of carb


mg sodium per day


2700 calorie diet contains 100 g fat what is % calories of fat?

9 fat calories/ gram= (9*100)/2700 = 33.33%

daily amount form men and women for fiber?

28 & 38

term used to describe a nutrient that has health benefit but not recommended daily value only in fruits and veges


solid at room temp that is a fat


8 grams of protein has

32 calories

american diet is high in..

fat, caloric intake, sodium, sugar

healthy fat

mono/poly unsaturated fat

vitamin requires UV rays to be synthesized in the body

vitamin D

MBI between 25-29.9


essential fat for women

12% fat

number of calories 1 additional lb of muscle burns a day


theory stated the body has a weight regulating mechanism that controls both appetite and amount of food stored


range of min. recommented for weight loss and target heart rate 3-5 times a week


term that describes excercise that requires oxygen to produce the necessary energy to carry out the activity


max heart rate for 18 year old


rockport 1 mile walk test=

max oxygen consumption

single most important component of health-related physical fitness

cardiorespiratory fitness

what adaptation best explain the improvement in muscle strength during the first month of training?

neuro muscular improvement

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