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after sales service
Service that continues after the sale of a product (maintenance, etc.)
Person or company that acts for another and provides a specified service.
B2B e-commerce
Business to business e-commerce : use of commercial networks, online product catalogues and other online resources to obtain better prices and reach new customers.
B2C e-commerce
Business to consumer e-commerce : online sale of goods and services directly to consumers.
Comparing one's products to those of competitors in order to improve quality and performance.
1) Any person who makes a purchase.
cash refund offer
Offer to pay back part of the purchase price of a product to customers who send a "proof of purchase" to the manufacturer.
chain store
Two or more shops or outlets that have the same owner and sell similar lines of merchandise.
A person who buys services or advice from a lawyer, an accountant or other professional.
close a deal
Finalize a sale or deal.
convenience store
Small shop located near a residential area that opens long hours, seven days a week.
Certificate that gives customers a saving when they purchase a specific product.
A business transaction.
department store
A large shop or store that carries a wide variety of product lines.
direct investment
Entering a foreign market by setting up assembly or manufacturing facilities in that country.
A reduction in price.
Buying and selling by electronic means, primarily on the internet.
Promotion of products and services over the internet.
Network that connects a company with its suppliers and distributors
Maintain contact after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction.
Association between a manufacturer or wholesaler (franchiser) and an independent business person (franchisee) who buys the right to own and operate a unit in the franchise system.
A promise that product will be repaired or replaced if faulty.
A network that connects people to each other within a company.
joint venture
A way of entering a foreign market by joining with a foreign company to manufacture or market a product or service.
market leader
The company with the largest market share in an industry.
mark up
Percentage of the price added to the cost to reach a selling price.
opinion leader
Person with a reference, who, because of competence, knowledge, or other characteristics, exerts influence on others.
Designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.
product line
A group of products that are closely related.
A potential customer.
sales representative
A person who represents and sells for a company.
To sell in small quantities, as in a shop, directly to customers.
shopping centre
Group of shops developed and managed as a unit.
telephone marketing
Using the telephone to sell directly to customers.
trade fair
An exhibition at which companies in a specific industry can show or demonstrate their products.
viral marketing
The internet version of word-of-mouth marketing - email messages that customers pass on to friends.
To sell goods and services to those buying for resale (e.g. a shop) or for business use.

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