18 terms

anthro final ch.14b

in small european territory, near middle east, west asia // ice age climate // lived separately from archaic
east asia
archaic sapiens
widest, back of skull // on top of am sapien skull // receding forehead // sagittal keeling // occipital bun
greatest cranial breadth
no chin // nasal aperture // heavy supraorbital torus // unibrow
neandertal facial traits
upper jaw extends and lower jaw recedes // no chin and big mouth
h neandertalensis
neandertal and splitters
middle paleolithic // first produced by archaic and neandertals // n repercussion same core // multiple flakes
neandertal mousterian tool industry
kebara cave
48 - 60,000 ya evidence of neandertals hunting
analyze animal bones // 21,000 fragments // charred, control of fire // prime adult remains // butchering strictly done by humans
faunal analysis
40,000-50,000 ya // 4 burials // shanidar 1, humans began caring for others // shanidar 4, burial w grave goods and flowers
shanidar, iraq
burial of male individual // 20 stone lined pits // cave bear remains // ritual
regourdou, france
130,000 ya // beginning of neandertal life span // hominid fragments // no bones in tact // charred juveniles // cannibalism
krapina, croatia
humans are consumed outside the group
consume member within your gorup
secondary de fleshing
remove flesh prior to burial // soul escapes to after life
100,000 ya // cannibalism, de fleshing // stone tools // bone fragments
moula guercy, france
kebara cave // neandertals speaking
hyoid bone