9 terms

AP Macro Ch 29

Downward Sloping AD because...
- real balances effect
- interest rate effect
- foreign purchases effect (net export)
Real Balances Effect
effect of decrease in price and rise in consumption ??
Interest Rate Effect
PL inc, so Nominal interest rate inc, spending dec.
Net Export Effect
PL inc, domestic goods are relatively more expensive so Xn (exports) decrease
Wealth Effect
PL increases and assets value decreases
Money Multiplier
change in rGDP / initial change in spending
Marginal Propensities
1 / (1-MPC) OR 1 / MPS

Determinants of AD (NOT demand)
Change in Consumer Spending
-Consumer Wealth

Change in Ig
-Interest rates (real)
-expected returns

Change in Gov. spending
-Net Export Spending: exchange rates, national income
-NOT transfer payments
Determinants of AS (NOT supply)
Change in cost of Production
-wage cost: min. wage
-Resource price (incl. exchange rates of imported g/s)

Change in Productivity: (real output / input)
Change in Legal/Institutional Environment
-Business taxes/subsidies
-gov. regulation