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Imperative Tense

THE IMPERATIVE TENSE is used to give instructions or orders or commands It uses VERBS tu, usted, vosotros, ustedes start from PRESENT TENSE Tu- use the 3rd person of the verb in the present tense i.e : habla, come, juega, abre, escucha or start from the present tense remove the "s" from the end of the verb (in you form) i.e. Hablas= Habla Comes= Come Abres= Abre EXCEPT: Pones- Pon Venir- Ven Vosotros- Take the infinitive verb Replace the "r" with a "d" i.e. Hablar= Hablad Escuchar= Esuchad…
Talk! -singular
Eat! -singular
Open! -singular
Talk! -plural
Eat! -plural
Open! -plural
Talk! -formal
Eat! -formal
Open! -formal
Talk! -formal plural
Eat! -formal plural
Open! -formal plural