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  1. to appease
  2. to shake or wave as a weapon (menacingly)
  3. unfriendly; hostile; harmful
  4. lessening the courage of; subduing; dismaying
  5. sharp of biting to the taste or smell; bitterly pungent
  6. to establish or settle in a sacred place; to hide or conceal a shelter

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  1. demure (adj)reserved; modest


  2. myopia (noun)lack of foresight; nearsightedness


  3. bravado (noun)intensity of feeling or expression


  4. theological (adj)unfriendly; hostile; harmful


  5. fervor (noun)a pretense of bravery; quality of being foolhardy


  6. parry (noun,verb)to clear of guilt, moral defilement, treacherous members of society; to expel impurities