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what happens when digested food particles pass from the digestive system into the bloodstream


has a pH less than 7, for example stomach acid


has a pH greater than 7

amylase enzyme

enzyme responsible for the breakdown of starch


the end point of the digestive system

balanced diet

range of nutrients needed to stay healthy


fluid responsible for transporting substances from part of the body to another

body temperature

maintained temperature of body, in humans 37 _C


group of energy-producing substances, for example starch and sugars

chemical digestion

digestion of food which involves chemicals called enzymes


the process by which nutrients from food are broken down and absorbed into the body

digestive system

the organs involved in digestion


when undigested waste leaves the body via the anus


ability to do work


chemicals found in the digestive system, used to break down large particles into smaller pieces


undigested waste product which leaves the body via the anus


substance found in food, used as an energy store and part of cell membranes


food used to keep waste moving through your digestive system


increase in size

mechanical digestion

digestion of food which involves physical action to break food into smaller pieces, for example chewing


substances required in small amounts by the body


beginning of the digestive system where food enters the body


substances in your food which are needed and used by your body

nutritional label

label found on food packaging which states the amount of each nutrient


food needed for growth and repair of tissues, also used to make enzymes

recommended daily allowance (RDA)

suggested amount of each nutrient which is needed daily to stay health


substances required in small amounts by the body

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