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(n) difficulty or problem that delays or prevents, or makes a situation worse


(n) (slang) a person's bottom


(a) cheerful and full of energy


(n) a thing that shows that sth else exists is true


(n) a street, often a narrow one with buildings on both sides


(n) a piece of artificial hair that is worn on the head, for example to hide the fact that a person is bald, to cover sb's hair, or by a judge and some other lawyers in some courts of law

tote sth

(v) (informal) to carry sth, esp. sth heavy


(n) witness box


(n) (informal) a stupid or dangerous act


(n) a member of a jury

bump into sb

(v) to meet sb by chance


(n) downtrodden people are treated so badly by the people with authority and power that they no longer have energy or ability to fight back


(a) tending to believe that other people are good, honest, etc.

fix sb up with sb

(v) to arrange for sb to have a meeting with sb who might become a boyfriend or girlfriend

wince at sth

(v) to suddenly make an expression with your face that shows that you are feeling pain or embarassment


(n) (informal) a particular good or attractive person or thing

buy sb off

(v) to pay sb money, esp. dishonestly, to prevent them from doing sth you do not want them to do

doll sb/yourself up

(v) (informal) to make sb/yourself look attractive for a party, etc. with fashionable clothes


(a) having many sexual partners


(a) that should make you feel shamed

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