Chapter 6 notes

52 terms by jasminc07

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detection and encoding of stimulus energies by the nervous system

The process by which we organize and interpret sensory information in order to recognize meaningful objects and events is called

sensory adaptation

damage to a region of the temporal lobe essential to recognizing face results in a condition known as


the effect of prior experience & current expectations on perception best illustrates the importance of

top down processing

psychophysics is best defined as the study of relationships between

sensation & perception

an exhausted forest ranger may notice the faintest scent of a forest fire, where as much stronger but less important odors fail to catch her attention. This fact would be the greatest reverence to

signaling detection theory

which of the following strategies best illustrates the use of subliminal stimulation


subliminal priming effects best illustrate


Some participants in a subliminal persuasion experiment thought that they were receiving subliminal affirmations of their self-esteem when in reality they were receiving subliminal memory-enhancement instructions. These individuals subsequently demonstrated


Those who believe in the value of subliminal audio types would be wrong to claim that

unconsciously processed information is unusually persuasive

some people are better than others at detecting slight variations in the tastes of various blends of coffee. This best illustrates the importance of

difference thresholds

If the just-noticeable difference for a 10ounce weight is 1 ounce, the jus notifceable difference for an 80 ounce weight would be ____ ounces


diminished sensitivity to an unchanging stimulus is known as

sensory adaptation

sensory adaptation helps us to focus our attention on ________ stimuli.


the adjustable opening in the center of the eye is the


the light-sensitive inner surface of the eye, containing the rods and cones, is the


The area of the retina where the optic nerve leaves the eye is called the

blind spot

damage to the fovea would have the GREATEST effect on

visual acuity

any given area of the retina relays its information to a corresponding location in the


the nerve cells the respond to specific aspects of a visual stimulus, ssh as its shape or its movement are


the ability to simultaneously recognize the color, shape, size, & speed of an oncoming automobile best illustrates


certain stroke victims report seeing nothing when shown a series of sticks, yet they are able to correctly report the sticks are vertical or horizontal. this best illustrates


you are in an unfamiliar setting and your eyes are closed. which of the folioing sounds would be hardest for you to locate correctly


the auditory cortex is most responsive to visual input among those who


the impact of top-down processing on the sense of touch is best illustrated by


with her eyes closed, Sierra can accurately touch her mouth, nose, and chin with her index finger. Sierra's accuracy illustrates the importance of


phantom limb sensations best illustrates that pain that can be experienced in the absence of


experimenters bent a finger slightly backward on the unseen hands of 16 volunteers, while simultaneously severely bending a finger on a visible fake rubber hand. This experiment illustrated the impact of ____ on the volunteers experience of pain


people with persistent arm pain experienced a reduction in pain after receive acupuncture with trick needles that retracted without puncturing the skin. the fake acupuncture treatment could best be described as


if jared watches a nurse give him an injection, he experiences more pain than if he closes his eyes during the procedure and thinks about his favorite food. this illustrates the value of_____for pain control.


the green-colored ham and eggs had such a strange appearance that they tasted terrible to Sam. this illustrates the importance of _________


olfactory receptor cells are essential for our sense of


which psychologists focused on principles of perceptual organization


the principles of continuity and closure best illustrate the importance of


the gestalt principles of proximity and similarity refer to way in which we


because the football game was interrupted by a long half time 5 year old mark mistakenly concluded that the first& second halves of play were two different games. HIs experience best illustrates the organizational principle of


the tendency to see complete letters on a neon sign, even though some of the bulbs are burned out, illustrates the principle of


which of the following is a binocular cue for the perception of distance?


renny knew the red tulip was closer to her than the yellow tulip because the red one cast a larger retinal image than the yellow one. this illustrates importance of the distance cue known as


the convergence of parallel lines provides the distance cue known as


percieving objects as having consistent shape, size, and color regardless of the angle, distance, and lighting conditions from which we review them is known as


the moon illusion can best be explained in terms of the relationship between


the phenomenon of color constancy best demonstrates that


in one experiment preschool children judged french fries as tasting better in a mcdonalds bag rather than a plain white bag. this best illustrates the impact of


schemas are best described as


when helen noticed her classmates were all wearing expensive designer jeans, she suddenly her own off brand jeans to be very unattractive. this best illustrates the importance of


designing aircraft instrument displays so as to minimize pilot's misperception of flight data would be of most direct interest to


ESP refers to


Telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition are different forms of


clairvoyance refers to the


thousands of controlled experiments indicate that


players who had been hitting a baseball poorly perceived the ball as smaller than those who had been hitting the ball well. best illustrates that size perception can be influenced by


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