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a person who settles in a new country


Sometimes people don't work on these. A special day that we celebrate. (ex. President's Day, Independence Day)


a special way that a group does something. It is a custom to march in parades on special holidays.


a building or place that is important or intersting. Every state has important landmarks. (Ex. the Statue of Liberty stands for liberty or freedom).


an object made and used by people. People from the past left behind many artifacts and it helps us learn more about our history.

The Statue of Liberty

A landmark in the New York harbor. What was the first thing that immigrants saw when they arrived in America?

New York Harbor

What harbor did immigrants arrive in when they came to America?

Hope and Freedon

What does the Statue of Liberty Represent?

Ellis Island

Where did immigrants get off the boat when they arrived in America?

able to work and healthy

When immigrants arrived at Ellis Island, they were checked by a doctor for these two reasons.

Angel Island

Where did immigrants get off the boat when they arrived in Asia?

San Francisco Bay

What water did immigrants arrive in when thay came to Asia?


Today people can visit these at Ellis Island and Angel Island.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Name two holidays we celebrate that helps us remember people who fought in wars.

May 5

When was there a battle in Mexico where they beat a large French Army

Cinco de Mayo

Name a holiday that is important to Mexican Americans. It celebrates the courage of Mexican Americans.


Name a holiday that African Americans celebrate.

June 19, 1865

When slavery ended in Texas. THis is known as Juneteenth.

Mount Rushmore

A landmark in South Dakota.

The United States Capital Building

A landmark in Washington, DC. Congress works in this building.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,Abe Lincolcn and Theodore Roosevelt

What 4 presidents faces are on Mout Rushmore in South Dakota?


What does the Statue of Liberty Stand for?

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