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Science Quizzes

For our multiplayer game.
Mercury is the only _________ __________
Hint: metal, non-metal, gas, solid...
Write the symbols of each; Potassium, then sodium
Hint: remember their latin names
Fuorine is a ________ and a _______
metal/non-metal and a gas/liquid/solid
The particles in solids are
no hint for this one, you should know it :P
How many electrons do the noble gases (group 8) have?
The answer is in the question
Non-metals are __________ and are not _______
think about their properties...several answers here
What is hydrogen's symbol? What group is it in?
Kind of tricky...
What kinds of metals are the first two groups?
(the ones to the left of the transition metals)
Non-metals have higher or lower
densities than metals. Please rewrite the whole sentence.
Tell me at least 3 of the magnetic metals.
There are only four, one is an alloy....
Metals are good conductors of heat and energy, but they are brittle.
All you have to do is write true or false.
Are there more non-metals or metals?
Think about hte table...hint, hint, to the right of the zig zag!
Tell me what neon can be used for?
It is a popular color :P
What happens when you burn non-metals in oxygen?
Look at the word "oxygen"
What is an alloy?
This happens only in metals...
Metals have lower melting and boiling points than non-metals.
True or false
Do metals break or bend?
Just write one or the other
Which is sonorous?
Metals or non-metals?