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Charles Taylor

corrupted child soldiers in liberia, found guilty in 2012 for crimes against humanity, ex-president of Liberia

Otto von Bismarck

German leader that called together the Berlin Conference

Social Darwinism

the philosophy that one society can dominate another one


extreme support for ones country

King Leopold II

King of Belgium who declared the Congo as his own and then plundered its resources, mainly ivory and rubber, enslaved population, caused 10 million people to die

Bartolomeu Dias

explorer who rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488


The policy of extending the rule or authority of and empire/nation over foreign countries or colonization


largest remaining group of hunter/gatherers

Ota Benga

Pygmie that was put in a zoo


depressions in an area of higher ground

Nile River

worlds longest river, flows through Egypt, Sudan, and Uganda

rift valleys

land that sank to form long, thin valleys

Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa's tallest mountain, tallest free standing mountain in world


a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge


largest desert in the world


stores of underground water


where the water from the aquifer comes to the surface

Serengeti plain

grassland in northern tanzania


uppermost layer of branches in a rainforest

Niger Delta

region in Nigeria that contains most of Nigeria's oil


"shore of desert" in arabic, Narrow band of dry grassland along southern edge of saharra


the process by which a desert is formed

aswan high dam

egyptian dam at lake nasser



olduvai gorge

many fossils found here in northern tanzania


100 AD, ancient civilization in ethiopia, important trade center

Berlin Conference

1884-1885 conference over ground rule for colonization of africa; European countries divided up the land

cash crops

crops sold purely to bring in revenue, but takes space that could be used to farm food for locals


great cities of ancient africa, pre-European, Tunisia, sophisticated city


major cultural and religious influence in northern africa


type of music developed in 1920's by poor urban children

Goree Island

served as one of the busiest points for exporting slaves during the slave trade from the mid 1500's to the mid 1800's

stateless society

one in which people rely on family lineages to govern themselves, rather than an elected government or a monarch


people who live in Ghana who are known for their work in weaving colorful asasia (what westerners usually call kente clothe)

Menelik II

Emperor of Ethiopia, protected his country from the Italian invasion, remained free of European control


marketplace in North Africa

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