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  1. Bigamy
  2. extrovert
  3. Psychiatrist
  4. egotist
  5. Cardiologist
  1. a Doctor specializing in the heart
  2. b Someone who is very outgoing, talks a lot, very social
  3. c Doctor of the mind
  4. d The crime of having more than one spouse
  5. e someone who always talks about themselves

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  1. Person who lives a simple life, no luxaries
  2. clumsy or awkward
  3. Someone who thinks of others first, puts others before themselves
  4. a doctor who studies syphilist
  5. Person who loves mankind, donates, very generous

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  1. DexteritySkill


  2. Obstetricianmakes glasses/contacts


  3. AdroitClever or skillfull


  4. PologamyMarried to one person at a time


  5. taxidermythe art of mounting the skins of animals so that they have lifelike appearance


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