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  1. ophthalmologist
  2. Alternate
  3. Internist
  4. pachyderm
  5. Ambivert
  1. a any of various nonruminant hoofed mammals having very thick skin: elephant
  2. b Doctor who specializes in something, finds the cause of an illness.
  3. c To go from one to another
  4. d doctor who specializes in eyes
  5. e someone who is both introvert and extrovert

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  1. Doctor who delivers babies
  2. Conflict fight
  3. Doctor specializing in the nervous system
  4. Evil or bad
  5. Someone who thinks of others first, puts others before themselves

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  1. PediatricianDoctor who delivers babies


  2. CardiologistDoctor specializing in the heart


  3. optometristDoctor specializing in bones


  4. PhilanthropistPerson who loves mankind, donates, very generous


  5. Alter EgoTo go from one to another