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  1. Orthopedist
  2. Egocentric
  3. altruist
  4. Dermatologist
  5. Alternative
  1. a Another choice or option
  2. b Doctor who specializes in skin diseases
  3. c Doctor specializing in bones
  4. d Self centered
  5. e Someone who thinks of others first, puts others before themselves

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  1. inflammation of the skin
  2. the outer layer of the skin covering the exterior body surface of vertebrates.
  3. Doctor who specializes in woman's needs, or diseases
  4. Married to one person at a time
  5. Someone who hates marriage

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  1. BigamyThe belief of having multple marriages


  2. PhilanthropistPerson who loves mankind, donates, very generous


  3. AmbivertSomeone who is very outgoing, talks a lot, very social


  4. extrovertSomeone who is very outgoing, talks a lot, very social


  5. opticianmakes glasses/contacts


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