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  1. Misogamist
  2. Pediatrician
  3. Oculist
  4. Alternate
  5. ophthalmologist
  1. a doctor who specializes in eyes
  2. b Doctor who specializes in children
  3. c Someone who hates marriage
  4. d To go from one to another
  5. e Doctor specializing in eyes

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  1. clumsy or awkward
  2. Someone who is very outgoing, talks a lot, very social
  3. Doctor specializing in the nervous system
  4. Another choice or option
  5. Doctor specializing in bones

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  1. pachydermthe art of mounting the skins of animals so that they have lifelike appearance


  2. AdroitClever or skillfull


  3. Asceticstudy of delivering babies


  4. egotistsomeone who thinks highly of themselves


  5. Psychiatrista doctor who studies syphilist