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type of network that works as a private internet
system of internet servers taht supports specially formatted documents
world wide web
type of network that allows the networks of separate organizations to communicate with one another
computer network that connects devices in a small geo area
computer network that connects devices across a large geographical area
storage device for multiple databases that can be accessed via a single question and reprt interface
data warehouse
computers that are used to aess shared resources in a network
term used to describe a sytem of voice and data transmissions
type of database that stores data in predefined tables made up of rows and columns
relational database
description of teh structure of a specific database
data dictionary
which clinical information system assists the physician in recording orders and in the decision making process
clinical provider order entry
i need a system that allows me to treat patinets located at a different site i should use
a mediation being ordered is contraindicated due to a patient allergy the physician is notified this is an example of an
dr rogers is sitting in his home offie and reiewing digital images from a patients mri he must be using
picture archival communication system
which of teh following systems would be an intermediate step toward teh ehr
document imaging
a clinial decision support sustem will id a med contraindication
telematics is a n example of a clinical infor system
recommendations for patinet care
embedded guidelines
what individual or group assists the CIO in developing teh strategic vision for the organizations information
steering committee
information resource management addresses information in what form
information stored in any format
which role works with physicians to assist in the implementation and classification systems
health infor management dept
50% of patients treated at our facilities have medicare as their primary payer this is an example of what type of information
the stake holders of teh HIE
include a wide variety of entities interested in patinet information
the physician is able to look up the patinets helath info from another physician practice and hospital across town he must be using a
which of teh following is a role played by a halth info manager in information systems
select the info skystem
which of the following is a true statement
the us lags behind other countries in the ehr implementation
which of the following is a true statement
administrative systems were the first type developed and utilized in halth care
which term is defined as ensuring timely and reliable access to and use of information
which of the following is an example of a technical measure
assigning passwords that limit acess to computer stored information
which statement is true about data security
most data security problems are due to hackers and external threats
which of the following is a threat to data security
an hit using her password can access and change data in the hospitals master patient index a billing cler using his password cannot perform the same function limiting the class of information and functions that can be performed by these two employees is managed by
access controls
data security policies and procedures should be reviewed at least
employee who makes typographical mistake
people threat
chief security officer
oversight for security
employee confidentiality agreement
employee awareness program
id of most likely seurity threats
risk analysis
id of the info that employees need to perform thier job functions
access control
edit checks
application control
prevents haking into a computer system
network control
computer terminals do not face public areas
physical control
which of the following systems would be used to manage productivity
human resource system
what is teh difference between teh exedutive informaiton system and decision support system
the executive info system is designed to be used by high level management
i will be conducting some analysis of data but i only need a limited amount of data that are contained in teh data warehouse what sustem should i use
data mart
we receive a report each morning listin all of eh admissions from teh day before
periodic schedules
which of the following is an example of when a decision support system should be used
to id a new servie for the hospital to implement
uses models and statistical analysis to help decision makers solve problems
dispalys concise info and may be called a sachboard report
tracks productiviity and turnover
human resource ms
is updated periodically and used for strategi deision support
data warehouse
creates reports needed to manage the day to day
a standards development organization accredited by the american national standards institute that addresses issues at the seventh or applications level of health systems interconnections
helps exchange clinical images such as xrays ct scans and so on
provides standards for hospital professional and dental claims eligibility inquiries electronic remittance and advice and other standards
american standards institute ansi
e31 committe on health informatics has developed guidelines primarily for various ehr managemtn processes
astm international
basic comminication language or protocol of the internet also used as a protocol in a private network such as an intranet or extranet
tcp ip
protocol used to exchange and manipulate files over a tcp ip netwerk
ftp file transfer protocol
protocol used to transfer and display information in the form of web pages on browsers
an internet standard for electronic mail transmission across internet protocol networks
Transaction processing system; manages transaction that occur in a healthcare facility, departmental-admission, discharge, and transfers
program that reproduces itself and attaches to legitimate programs
copes itself and spreads throughout a network
proof of authorship
password management
application controls
the greatest advantage of an internet based untethered phr is
info is accessable via the internet and available when needed particualrly in emergencies
covered entities include
all of the above
order sets are based on
medical evidence that is in compliance with national quality and regulatory standards
anyone who believes thier privacy has been violated can file a complaint with the
minimized security risks for coders working at home
prevent capability to download data to external devies
a messaging standard used to send data from one application to another allowing seperate HIS to communicate with one another
documented logs
audit trails
digital imaging systems create images without using film that are captured and stored on a
not a sig threat to data security on a computer
employee who does not shut off computer at night
what is not a common type of work station
the development of a cert process
natural outcome of comuterized entry
electronic reporting of results
what is not a advancemnt in tech that will that would benefit adoption of ehr
increase in medical liability insurance
allows five basic function to function
platform on which all apps reside and function
system software
designed to assist a user in perfoming either a single task or multiple ralated tasks
application software
type of computer software used for word processing spread sheets and database management apps
processes that are affected by what is going on around them
order of sdl
planning and analysis
maint and eval
most time consuming and importatn
planning and analysis
reviewing existing
researching and site visits
prototype use care and seq diagrams
planning and analysis
answers how
combines use cases into model or blue print
put computer programmers to work
testing training and manuals
4 categories for managing tech
jump on board
physician buy in
organized collection of data
currency rel numbers integers strings
data stored in a database
challenges in HIE's
failure to implement
lack of standards
diff hard and soft
protecting patient info
advantages electronic h r
patinet safety increased
increased quality of care
greater effeciency
lowered costs
dis of ehr
lack of standards co
learning curve
workflow changes
changes in software
provacy and sec risks
third pary service company that delivers manages and remotely hosts standardized apps
secondary storage
flash drive
hard drive
magnetic tape
acts as a conductor for all hardware comonents and app software
system software
consists of master programs called teh supervisor basic operations of a computer resides in ram
operating system
used to support enhance or expand existing programs
utility software
back up virus protect data recovery
utility software
assist with word processing accounting database managers graphics presenttion email time management