34 terms

American History 9,10,11

Owner of New york world
joseph pulitzer
became an american sensation in 1898 when he became the first person to ride a mile on a bicycle in under one minute
charles murphy
novelist of gilded age wrote The Red Badge of Courage
Stephen Crane
Boston strong boy
john l sullivan
famous american who donated over $40 million to build public libraries
Andrew Carnegie
during yellow journalism the new york world sent who on a trip around the world
Nellie Bly
why did Ira aldridge perform mostly in europe during the gilded age
he was an african american and could not perform in the US
Owner of new york journal
william randolph hearst
Joseph Pulitzer and william hearst help drive US to war against spain in 1898
through yellow journalism
who invented the linotype machine
ottmer mergenthaler
what book was used during this time
the electric reader
author of electric reader was
william mcguffey
example of a melodramatic play in gilded age
under the gaslight
what was mutt and jeff
the first everyday comic strip to appear in newspaper
example of a minstrel show
primrose & west
popular actor who starred in Hamlet and romeo and juliet
Edwin Booth
First professional baseball team was
cincinnati red stockings
which league was formed first
the national league
what was college tuition
only token tuition was charged
where did colleges begin opening their doors
the midwest
Who created mutt and jeff
HC Fisher
who made the kodak camera
george eastman
main actor who starred in shakespeares's plays in US
Edwin Booth
which was not one of the 3 R's
was a former slave who founded the tuskegee normal and industrial institute in 1881
Booker T Washington
defeated john l sullivan
James J corbett
Mark Twain
Samuel Clemens
First matinee idol
John Drew
Newspaper owned by Joseph Pulitzer
New york world
swedish nightingale
Jenny Lind
inventor of web perfecting press
william bullock
organization that provided public info and entertainment
Book describing how runaway slave Jim escapes
The adventures of Huck finn
Famous french actress
Sarah Bernhardt