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Weight-Bearing Status

Non Weight-Bearing (NWB)
-No weight on affected extremity
-Extremity not on ground
-Requires AD bilaterally
Toe-Touch Weight-Bearing (TTWB) or Touch-Down Weight-Bearing (TDWB)
-May put part of food of affected LE on ground for BALANCE but NOT for WB
-Requires AD bilaterally
-Can get tight gastroc (TTWB) or put too much weight on LE (TDWB)
Partial Weight-Bearing (PWB)
-Limited amount of WB, such as 10#, 50%, etc
-Designated by physician
-Requires AD bilaterally
Weight-Bearing as Tolerated (WBAT)
-Able to bear as much weight as able within own constraints (pain, anxiety, etc)
Full Weight-Bearing (FWB)
-No limitations
-ADs NOT used to limit WB, but MAY be used for balance assist