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What is the purpose of gastrulation?
To creat three tissue layers that will develope into different parts of the organism BY CELLULAR MOVEMENTS.
What are three tissue layerS?
Ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm.
In the cell, how are the tissue layers organized in respect to outer, middle, and inner?
Ectoderm is outer, mesoderm is middle, and endoderm is inner.
Generally, what does the ectoderm develop into?
Nervous system and skin
Generally, what does the mesoderm develop into?
Blood vessels, muscle, bone, liver, and heart.
Generally, what does the endoderm develop into?
Linings of digestive and respiratory tracts
What does the archenteron develops into?
Primitive gut
When a cell begins to gastrulate, the phase where the cell begins to form a small cleave is called?
In invagination, what is the area with the cleave called?
What cytoskeletal component directs invagination?
Microfilaments and microtubules
when invagination is occuring, the microtubules, and microfilaments affect what tissue?
Ectoderm, because it begins from the outside.
What section of the cell, vegetal or animal pole, does invagination occur in?
TOF: All three tissues exist at first?
False, they are created through INVAGINATION
TOF: The only tissue that exists in the beginning is the ectoderm?
What is the purpose of INVAGINATION?
Invagination is a part of GASTRULATION. Invagination is the process of cleaving the cell from the yolk pole.