Maintenance and PMCS

What document covers Maintenance and PMCS?
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What does PMCS stand for?Preventive maintenance checks and servicesWhat does PLL stand for?Prescribed load listWhat does BII stand for?Basic issue itemWhat does AOAP stand for?Army Oil Analysis ProgramWhat does TI stand for?Technical inspectionWhat does NSN stand for?National stock numberWhat does HMMWV stand for?High-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicleWhat does LMTV stand for?Light Medium Tactical VehicleWhat does TM stand for?Technical ManualWhat does UIC stand for?Unit identification code (a six-character code assigned to a specific unit)What does NMC stand for?Not mission capableWhat form is used for military driver's licenses?DA Form 5984-E, Operator's Permit RecordWhat is the difference between a deficiency and a shortcoming?A deficiency deadlines a piece of equipment. A shortcoming is a fault that requires maintenance or supply action but does not render it NMC.According to AR 750-1, what is the purpose of maintenance?To preserve the required performance capabilities of Army materiel or to return those assets to their baseline performance capabilities.What is AR 750-1's policy regarding cannibalization of equipment during combat operations?During combat, commanders may authorize the cannibalization of disabled equipment only to facilitate repair of other equipment for return to combat. No parts will be cannibalized for stockage.