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Rate of flow of positive charge through a conductor

What is electric current?

Electrical Potential Difference

What is the first condition for continuous current to flow?

Complete Circuit

What is the second condition for continuous current to flow


What is Electrical Potential Difference measured in?

The work done in the source on each coulomb of charge to give them energy

What does voltage measure?


What determines how much current will flow through each part of a circuit?

Opposition to flow of charge

What is resistance?


What is Ohm's Law?


In Ohm's Law, what is the dependent variable?

Increase voltage, reduce resistance

What are two ways to increase current through a circuit?

Redox Reactions

What causes electrochemistry?


What is electrochemistry primarily used in?

Electrochemistry, Electromagnetism, Photoelectricity, Thermoelectricity, Piezoelectricity

What are the five sources of voltage?

Running wires around magnets

How does electromagnetism work?

Audio Devices

What is electromagnetism primarily used in?

Cameras and Lights

What is photoelectricity primarily used in?

Thermometers and Coolers

What is thermoelectricity primarily used in?

Microphones and Printers

What is piezoelectricity primarily used in?


In a series, what is the voltage?

The same

In a series, what is the current?


In a series, what is the resistance?

Divide the voltage of the source by the Resistance of the circuit

How do you find the current furnished by the source?


In parallel, what is the current?

The same

In parallel, what is the voltage?

Inversely Additive

In parallel, what is the resistance?

The largest

In a parallel circuit, which lightbulb is the brightest?

The smallest

In a series circuit, which lightbulb is the brightest?


What variable determines the brightness of a lightbulb?

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