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Olympe de Gouges

During the French revolution, Was executed for demanding equal rights for women


Bankers and merchants were members of the ,
Or French middle class

Continental system

Napoleon tried to defeat the British by using the. A strategy of closing European ports to British goods.


Each time Napoleon held a. During his rise to Power, the voters strongly supported him.

Guerrilla warfare

Spanish patriots used Or hit and run aids to resist French rule.

Napoleonic code

The laws of the. Included many Enlightment ideas

Marquis de Lafayette

The moderate revolutionary leader. Fought alongside George Washington and was head of the French national guard

Ancien regime

The old order in Which France was divided into three social classes was called the


During the reign of terror, condemned people were beheaded using the


Dr. Jospeh guillotine introduced the guillotine as a mor humane method of beheading people


Napoleon never lost a battle in which he condemned French troops


A chief goal of the congress of Vienna to maintain the balance of power


The Reign of Terror happend because the French king needed to punish the people for trying or overthrow his rule


Throughout the French revolutionary era, suffrage always stayed the same


The fourth state is always considered to be the press


A coalition is a group of people who come together for a common cause


The poor people of France always had chees to eat

First estate

In France's old order the clergy belonged to the

Taxing the first and second estates

Louis XVI was forced to dismiss his finacial advisor, Jacques necker, when Necker proposed

American declaration of independence

The declaration of the rights if man N the citizen was modeled on the

Selling church lands

The national assembly voted to pay off huge government debt by

A republic

When the new national convention met in 1702, what form of government did the radicals create


The reign of terror gave way to the directory phase of the revolution in which dominant political force was the


Which country was able to remain outside napoleons European empire

Scorched earth policy

What war tactic helped the Russians defeat Napoleon

Resorting hereditary monarchy

The congress of Vienna promoted the principal of legitimacy by


When the Parisians stormed the Bastille they expected to find hundreds of weapons to use the revolution


The poorest citizens of France were called cahiers


Claiming to represent France, the national assembly met and delivered the tennis court oath


Napoleon capitalized upon nationalism to mKe Europe the greatest group of nations in the world


Robishpere's enemies called him " the Incurroptable" because they admired his methods of running the government so much


When you have met your "Waterloo", that means just like Napoleon, you have met your final defeat

Third estate

In 1789, the delegates to the estate - general that broke away and declared themselves to be the national assembly were form the

Urban workers

The poorest members of the third estate were

Return to Paris

The women who marched on Versailles refused to leave until the king agreed to

Threatend to intervene to protect the French monarchy

In the declaration of Plinitz, the king of Prussia and emperor of Austria

The use of terror

Robespierre believed that France could achieve a " republic of virtue" only though


Sfter overthrowing the directory in 1779 Napoleon and his followers set up a three man governing board called the

Men regained complete authority over their wives

Under the Napoleonic code


Marie Antoinette was a hero of two worlds since she was a native Austrian( the daughter of the empress) and the queen of France


In the Napoleonic era, France was considered to be the whale and Britain the elephant

Island named Elba

Where was Napoleon exciled to after he abdicated

July 14, 1789

What is the date of Bastille day

General winter
Scorched earth policy
General policy

What were the two reasons for Napoleon's defeat when he invaded Russia

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