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gender of victim

The rate of cooling of a dead body can be influenced by all BUT the:


Who established the first workable crime laboratory?


Who wrote the first treatise describing the application of science to the field of criminal investigation?


The fictional character of Sherlock Holmes was created by:

Los Angeles Police Department

The oldest forensic laboratory in the United States is that of the:

formal degree in forensic science

Which is NOT true? An expert witness must be able to demonstrate:


The exchange of evidence principle was?


Which entity maintains the largest crime laboratory in the world?

both criminal and civil laws

Forensic science is the application of science to:


Which is NOT a manner of death?

guilt of the suspect(s)

What is the LEAST important consideration in the gathering of evidence at a crime scene?

stiffness of death

Rigor mortis refers to the:


As the post mortem interval increases, the concentration of potassium in the vitreous humor of the eye:

AIDS and hepatitis B (both A and B)

The presence of blood and semen at crime scenes exposes investigators to:

in the process of a legal arrest

The police are not required to obtain a search warrant if they are:

sketch of the suspect(s)

A rough sketch need NOT include a:

packaged in an air tight glass jar

Charred debris from an arson scene should be:

depict injuries and weapons at scene

If the crime scene includes a dead body, the photographer should:


Which crime scene search pattern would absolutely require more than one investigator?

fingerprint analysis

Which would not be included in the work of the biology unit of a crime lab?

7 hours

A corpse was discovered in an apartment last November. It was that of a 50-year-old male who died of a heart attack. At the time of discovery, the body temperature was determined to be 89 degrees fahrenheit. What is the most probably post mortem interval?

none of the above (not chemistry, geology, nor biology)

Which area of science is NOT involved in criminalistics?

Note taking is done after all crime scene processing has been completed.

Which statement about note taking is NOT true?

secure the scene

The first officer arriving at a crime scene, after providing or obtaining medical assistance for the injured and effecting an arrest of suspects (if possible), should immediately:

trial judge

A properly maintained chain of custody is NOT the responsibility of the:

livor mortis

Evidence of tampering with the position of a body after death can be obtained by evaluating the:

the standard reference sample (control) does not share characteristics with evidence at the crime scene

Physical evidence can be used to exonerate or exclude a person from suspicion if:

refractive index

The _________ of a substance varies with the color of the light passing through it, its temperature, and the wavelength of the light passing through it.

greater than

The change in refractive index upon annealing tempered glass is _________ the change in refractive index upon annealing untempered glass.


The basic metric unit for volume is the:


Which is NOT an intensive property of matter?


What is the main ingredient in ordinary glass?

.26445 kilograms

The weight 264.45 grams can be correctly expressed as:

less than

The birefringence of a sodium chloride (a cubic crystal) is ____ the birefringence of a calcite (a non-cubic crystal).

greater than

The use of the Celsius temperature scaleby scientists is ____ their use of the Fahrenheit temperature scale.


If an object is immersed in a liquid of greater density, it will:

greater than

The heat intensity (hotness) of water at 10 degrees Celsius is _____ the heat intensity of water at 21 degrees Fahrenheit.


Which would be LEAST useful in identifying a mineral crystal?

the side and rear windows of autos manufactured in the United States

Tempered glass is used in:

identity of a material

A qualitative test will reveal the:


Which chromatographic process has minimal equipment and space requirements?

solid to gas

Sublimation is defined as a change of state from:

greater than

The freezing point of water in Fahrenheit is ____ the freezing point of water Celsius.


Flotation is a method used by scientists to determine the ____ of a particle of glass.

is made with the addition of boron oxide

Pyrex glass:

A first

In reference to the diagram above, what is the correct sequence of impacts?

comparison of dried soil samples for color and texture

What is the logical first step in soil analysis?

is wider on the exit side

When a bullet penetrates a panel of glass, it leaves a crater-shaped hole that:

determine colors of an organic compound

Chromatography is NOT used to:


Which physical state has volume but no specific shape?


True or False: Radial cracks appear first, starting on the side opposite the destructive force. (during the fracturing of glass)


Which color of the visible spectrum has the highest frequency and the shortest wavelength?

X rays

Which type of radiation is NOT given off by radioactive decay?


Atoms having the same atomic number but different atomic masses are called:

trace elements

Paint and hair, soil and fibers, and glass and metal objects would be expected to have _______.

electron energy levels

An element is selective in the frequency of light it will absorb. This selectivity is due to its:

fine or coarse adjustment

When using a compound microscope, the areas about and below the depth of focus are best viewed by adjusting the:


Which microscope is best suited to the study of birefingent minerals and fibers?


Which microscope has the largest potential working distance?

transmitted and vertical illumination

A comparison microscope designed to examine bullets and cartridges is equipped with:


The central canal running through many hairs is known as the:

cotton or wood pulp

A regenerated fiber is not derived from:


Beard hairs are coarse and normally _____ in cross-section.

greater than

The presence of sheath cells on hair that has been pulled quickly from the head is ____ the presence of sheath cells on hairs that have been removed slowly from the scalp.


Which part of the hair shaft is the most resistant to chemical decomposition?

beneath the stage

The condenser of a compound microscope is located:


Which absorption spectrum is equivalent to a "fingerprint" of a substance?

Pyrolysis GC

Paint chips, plastics and fibers can be analyzed using which chromatographic process?


A compound microscope is equipped with two objectives lenses (10x and 45x) and has a 10x ocular lens. The highest magnification attainable with this instrument is:


Pigment granules that impart hair with color are found in the:


Which microscope is most likely to be used as a tool for determining whether a suspect has recently fired a gun?


_______ is the basic component of cotton, starch, and wood.


Which is NOT considered a porous surface?

iodine fuming

Sublimation occurs with the use of:

Super Glue fuming

Which chemical treatment produces a white-appearing latent print?

during fetal development

Fingerprints are formed:


Prints that are not readily visible are commonly referred to as:


The most common ridge pattern is the:


True or false: Digital imaging does not allow for the simultaneous comparison of two prints.

whorls on the left index and right ring fingers

A PC of 9/3 means that there are


In which order should chemical treatments to visualize latent prints be performed? 1. ninhydrin 2. iodine fuming 3. physical developer


In the Primary Classification System, a finger is assigned numerical value if its pattern is a:


Superglue fuming is NOT suitable for use on:


In the Primary Classification scheme, the left index finger has a potential value of:

protein material

Ninhydrin is used on a latent print to detect:

directly related

Generally, the gauge of a shotgun is ______ to the diameter of its barrel.

striation markings

Discharged evidence bullets must be carefully handled to avoid damage to the:

all of the previous (extractor and ejector mechanism and firing pin)

Distinctive markings of shells and cartridges can be made by:

both A and B (IR photograph and the Greiss test)

Gun powder residue patterns can be detected by:

photographing and casting with dental stone

Shoe and tire marks impressed into soft earth can be best preserved by:

model, make, and year

After examining small paint chips from an auto accident scene and using the PDQ database, the crime lab worker can determine the ___ of the vehicle.

dermal papillae

To permanently alter the fingerprint and produce scars, one must damage the

take a 1:1 photograph of the print

After successfully visualizing a latent print on an object an investigator should next:

none to date

Under which circumstances have two people been found to have identical fingerprints?

wear marks

Which is NOT a class characteristic of a suspect's sneaker

transported to the crime lab in a container with enough of the same water necessary to keep it submerged

When a gun is recovered from an underwater location, it should be:

bullet will be made to spin and hence have a true and accurate course on leaving the barrel

The reason grooves are rifled into the bore of a gun is so that a:

John Dillinger

Which person attempted to destroy his fingerprints with a corrosive acid?


Prints impressed in a bar of soap are referred to as:


Use of this drug is not likely to lead to psychological dependence:


Most _______ are obtained from opium, physically addicting, and are depressants to the central nervous system.


What drug is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States today?


Which drug is often incorrectly classified as a narcotic?


Which hallucinogen can be synthesized by a simple chemical process and is often manufactured in clandestine laboratories?


Which is the most widely used and abused drug?


Which barbiturate is absorbed more slowly than others?


______ act to produce sleep, promote relaxation, and create a feeling of well-being.


The sniffing of volatile _____ can cause drowsiness and stupor, slurred speech and double vision, and feelings of exhilaration and euphoria.


Methamphetamine is a:


Cocaine is a(n):

Controlled Substance Act

The ___________ established five schedules of classification for substances based on the drug's potential for physical and psychological dependence, medical value, and potential for abuse.


Which type of test would logically be used first by the drug analyst?


The amount consumed, the presence or absence of food in the stomach, and the alcoholic content of the beverage are all factors in determining the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the ________.


There is a(n) ______ relationship between the amount of alcohol in the blood and that in the alveolar breath.

performance of sit ups

Field sobriety tests do NOT include:


upon entering the bloodstream, heroin is almost immediately metabolized into:


Which is an acid drug?


The Reinsch test would NOT be used to detect:

combines with hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin

Carbon monoxide is toxic because it:

A and B

In routine blood banking, which antigen(s) must be determined in testing for compatibility?

both A and B antigens

Type AB blood contains:


In the United States, the rarest blood type is:

a precipitin test

To determine whether a bloodstain is of human or animal origin, the serologist will perform:

monoclonal antibodies

____________ are produced by injecting a mouse with an antigen, are produced utilizing rapidly multiplying blood-cancer cells, and are expected to be medicine's version of the "magic bullet."

less than

The rate of alcohol absorption on a full stomach is ___ the rate of absorption on an empty stomach.

iodine fuming

Sublimation occurs with the use of:

protein material

Ninhydrin is used on a latent print to detect:

Super Glue fuming

Which chemical treatment produces a white-appearing latent print?

lift the print with adhesive tape

After successfully visualizing a latent print on an object and photographing it, an investigator should next:


Sometimes previous writing on a pad of paper can be made to appear simply by rubbing over it lightly with a:

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