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love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it

black death

A deadly plague that swept through Europe between 1347 and 1351

command economy

An economic system in which the government controls a country's economy.

free market economy

Capitalism, private ownership law of supply and demand


a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership


an economic system based on private ownership of capital


a customs union comprising BElgium and NEtherlands and LUXembourg

constitutional monarchy

A King or Queen is the official head of state but power is limited by a constitution.


a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


the Nazi program of exterminating Jews under Hitler

iron curtain

a political barrier that isolated the peoples of Eatern Europe after WWII, restricting their ability to travel outside the region


Scottish word for a lake


Land created by the Dutch by draining water from an area.

primate city

a city that ranks first in a nation in terms of population and economy


the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the modern world


union of soviet socialist republics

bolshevik revolution

phase of the Russian Revolution; led by Lenin and the Bolsheviks and marked the first Marxist communist revolution of the 20th century


a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force


a policy of the Soviet government allowing freer discussion of social problems


an economic policy adopted in the former Soviet Union

trans-siberian railroad

A railroad that went across Siberia

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