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coccidial parasites

isospora, eimeria

Sulfa drugs (albon/tribrissen/sulfamethazone)

cause folic acid deficiency in protozoa
5-7 day tx, repeat fecal

Amprolium (Corid)

thiamine like drug
may cause thiamine def. in long term use
usually 5-7 day tx

Decoquinate (Deccox)

must be fed for at least 28 days in a row, mix in feed


lasalocid(bovatec), (Rumensin)
drugs affect mitochondrial function, preventatives
*toxic to horses*

tx for giardia

metronidazole (flagyl)
fenbendazole (panacur)

tx for toxoplasmosis

clindamycin (antirobe)

tx for cryptosporidia

paromomycin (extra label)

Fenthion (prospot), Carbaryl

organophosphate tx
caution w/ seizure prone, persians, sighthounds


made from chrysanthemum
safe, quick knock down, breaks down in sun/water
toxic to fish, found in foggers, yard sprays
*caution in cats*

Amitraz (Mitaban)

for demodex tx dogs, toxic to cats/rabbits, can cause sedation (preventic, taktic)

lime sulfur dip

kills variety of external parasites
sulfur smell, discolors fur


Frontline product
neutrotransmitters for fleas/ticks, prevents FAD


blocks acetylcholine
for fleas, very safe, prevents FAD




48 day withholding time for cattle
not to be given in lactating cows

Epinomectrin (eprinex)

works sim to ivermectiv (GABA, glutamate neurotransmitters)
no withholding time for milk or meat


Insect Growth Regulator
flea collar, house sprays (ovitrol, Precor)

Lufenuron (program)

found in Sentinel
flea needs to bite pet, able to get FAD, need to use adulticides at start of tx

Combination products

Advantix (toxic to cats)

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