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Terms from the History Final Exam Study Guide. Tell me if I need to correct anything!
the policy of extending authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries or acquiring colonies
expressing patriotism loudly and excessively, favoring extreme preparedness for war
devotion and loyalty to one's nation
the policy of isolating a country from the affairs of other nations
Total War
the method of obliterating everything (used by Germany & Russia)
Wilson's Fourteen Points
Wilson's plan for peace after WW1
League of Nations
similar to UN, formed after WW1 to prevent anything like it
The Great Migration
from 1910-1920 over 500,000 African-Americans migrated North, starting an even larger migration
Harlem Renaissance
explosion of culture in the Harlem neighborhood after the Great Migration
a popular art form, similar to Harlem Renaissance
young women who showed their independence by drinking, smoking, and wearing shorter outfits
Sacco and Vanzetti
Italian anarchists arrested for murdering two people and stealing 15 grand, not given a fair trial because if the links to their anarchism group
Scopes Monkey Trial
ACLU wants evolution to be taught in schools and asks Scopes to teach evolution/creationism, causes a big case and the ACLU loses
Marcus Garvey (Garveyism)
invented a religion and solution to racism in the USA which included all African-Americans moving to Africa and kicking out the whites there
Fads and Escapism
trends and things done with newly found leisure time
buying things (mostly on credit) with new found leisure time
"Return to Normalcy"
Warren Harding's campaign slogan
"the business of America is business"
Coolidge's saying, less gov. in business
hands-off government
Teapot Dome Scandal
Secretary of the Interior is caught selling the Navy's oil to big businesses
Palmer Raids
communism is feared in America and causes Palmer and J. Edgar Hoover to hunt down communists during the _________
Trickle - Down Economics
Hoover gives money to big businesses hoping they will employ more people and the money will eventually make its way to the common American
unregulated speculation
buying stock on credit, and then when the stock drops out people lose everything
industrial and agricultural overproduction
making to many of a product
Global Trade issues
Fordney-McCumber Act & Hawley-Smoot Tarriff
dust bowl
overuse of farmland combined with extreme drought and wind storm causes a _________, which multiplies the effects of the Great Depression in the Midwest
"rugged individualism"
Hoover's campaign slogan, hard work for Americans and less gov. in business
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
distributes half a billion to states, banks, & corps, created public works projects, but gave no aid to individuals
Banking Holiday
all banks closed for 10 days to be inspected for financial solvency
Hundred Days
crucial to America's survival in the Great Depression, includes bank holiday, first new deal, & new programs
First New Deal
provided relief for the hungry/jobless/homeless
Second New Deal
reform to prevent another Depression
putting money into the economy during the Great Depression to stimulate it
Article 48
an article in German law saying that in an emergency the President can make a decision without the Congress
Enabling Act
takes power away from the Congress and gives it to the cabinet (Germany)
section of Germany bordering France, demilitarized after WW1 but Hitler re-militarizes it
German land that was taken from Germany in WW1 and created Czechoslovakia
1938 Munich Agreement
conference with France, Germany, Italy, and England to appease Germany in fear of another world war
lightning war
Allied Powers
UK, US, France, Russia (WW2)
Axis Powers
Germany, Japan, & Italy (WW2)
Winston Churchill
prime minister of UK during WW2
communist leader of Russia
president of US during Great Depression/WW2
fascist dictator of Germany
fascist dictator of Italy