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English Exam Review- Essays

Themes: Oliver Twist Elements/types of comedies: Midsummer Night's Dream Legends/stories/movie- King Arthur
Oliver Twist Theme: Social Classes
Dickens takes time to point out how people in different classes treated each other. He emphasized how pompus the wealthy acted with the unforgettable Mr. Bumble. On the other hand he did create characters like the Maylies, that show how higher class people should act and that, in fact, people from different classe can come together and be kind to each other. It was ironic how people in upper classes treated Oliver so poorly unknowing that he was supposed to receive a large inheritance and be wealthy.
Oliver Twist Theme: Unfair treatment of poor
The poor in Dickens' time were treated extremely unfair. Dickens used Oliver to show the conditions of workhouses. These could also be called prisons for the poor where children as young as nine had to do grueling painful work. Dickens also used Dick and Oliver to show the treatment of infant orphans who were beaten and slowly starved to death.
Oliver Twist Theme: Crime
Crime was a raging problem in Dickens' time, especially in big cities such as London. He used Oliver to show that though a person may be hard to corrupt, crime will find a way. Oliver's innocence faded as he sunk deeper into the world of crime. Even though most of Oliver's offenses were not his fault, he still lost his innocence. Nancy became a important example of hoe crime can corrupt people. She was forced into a life of crime. She could never forgive herself for all she had done. Even when she had the chance to escape, she could not will herself to leave. This ultimately led to her demise.`
Romantic Comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's dream is a well-known example of a well-written romantic comedy. Coming from William Shakespeare, this play contains the beautiful and engaging Hermia, many mishaps in love, and a happy nuptial ending. These mishaps include an unrelenting father, mistaken Athenians, falling in love with an ass, and the unexpected help from magical beings. The story ended with a triple wedding.
Farce: A Midsummer Night's Dream
In A Midsummer Night's dream, Shakespeare entertained readers with many ridiculous characters. These "actors", were led by the ludicrous Bottom, whose name speaks for itself. Bottom's head ended up to be the one of an ass. He managed to capture the heart of beautiful fairy queen. One of Bottom's escapades was his unique performance of Pyramus and Thisby. without the help of Peter, Bottom would have ended up playing all of the parts
Low Comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Whether it was the cat fight between Helena and Hermia, Bottom becoming an ass, or Demetrius's threatening to Helena, Shakespeare entertained with plenty examples of low comedy. While many verbal ranks and puns occurred during fights and mixed-up plays, Bottoms performance as an ass pulled the low comedy together.
High Comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Through all the low comedy and farce, high, intellectual comedy comes through. Most of the high comedy in the story comes from Theseus's remarks about the performance of Pyramus and Thisby. Other examples could be found in Oberon and Titanias' exchanges.
Of the Birth of Arthur
Uther wanted Igraine and started a war with the Duke of Cornwall
Uther convinced Arthur to change him to Duke Cornwall so he could see Igraine
Merlin said yes if he got the child
Arthur was born
Merlin got him the night after his birth around midnight
took him to Sir Ector
Of the Sword in the Stone
Kay was one year older than Arthur
Uther died and Camelot fell into trouble and confusion
Merlin went to Archbishop of Canterberry and said a sign from God was coming
Kay went to the tournament in London
Kay forgot his sword
Arthur saw one and churchyard and grabbed it for him
everyone saw
he became king
of Merlin's Help and his Forgetfulness
Arthur fought a rampant knight
he almost died but Merlin saved him
Arthur said he need a sword
Merlin led him to a lake
a arm draped in silk held a sword in middle
Lady of Lake showed up
Arthur paddled and got sword
Few months later Merlin was gone
Morgwase bewitched Arthur
Merlin came back and realized what had happened
He ordered all children born in MAY-DAY would be sent off
Arthur reluctantly obeyed
ship crashed and Mordred survived
The Gift of Excalibur
Easter and Arthur asked Merlin for a sword
Merlin led him to a lake
Nimue retrieved the sword and exchanged it for the promise of a gift
Arthur visited Cameliard
he met Guinevere
they fell in love
Guinevere's father arranged a wedding
Merlin warned Arthur that this was a mistake
Arthur just laughed
Oliver Twist: A Small Act of Kindness can change someone forever
Oliver received his first blessing from a dying young orphan named Dick. This changed him and drove Oliver to reach London. Oliver might have turned back to being a criminal if Mr. Brownlow and especially Mrs. Bedwin had not showed him love and kindness.