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in the term hypodermic the prefix is


a word root for "bone" is


the word component that refers to the stomach is

before the birth of her child

a patient who has a prenatal visit sees her practitioner

was incised

a patient has a surgical procedure described as an arthrotomy. You know that the joint:


A notation is made about an instrument to be ordered for the hospital. It makes a record of the electrical activity of the heart. The instrument is called an:


Odontology is a discipline that would most likely treat patients with disorders of the:

computed tomography

A patient has an order on his chart for a CT of the abdomen. You know that the abbreviation stands for


an instrument used to cut bone is an:


an enlargement of the heart is


Fetology is the study of the:


A patient has a hypertrophied scar. You recognize that this means the scar is:


As part of the operative procedure, the surgeon performs an enterorrhphy. You know that she has___ part of the intestines.

a structure

In the term "peropsteum", you know that the suffix refers to:

removal and microscopic viewing

A biopsy is a (n) _______ of living tissue.

abnormal development

A patient with muscular dystrophy has ______ of muscles.

between their teeth

patients with food caught in their interdental spaces have pieces of food:


One of your professors is using a term that sounds like it starts with a "z", but you have read every z term in your dictionary and it's not there you should try looking under the letter:


The professor dictated the terms that would be included on the next examination, but you didnt recognize the one that started with a "t" sound. Later when reviewing your notes, you realize that it could have started with a(n):


the plural of vertebra


The plural of diagnosis is:


The plural phalanx is:


What type of diagnosis begins suddenly and severely and ends after a short period of time


A patient is treated for kidney stones with a machine called a lithotripter. Its function is to:


Which of the following is an imaging procedure?


Information of all drugs available in the United States is published in the:


One of the terms used to describe a patient's healthy condition starts with a "u" sound. You can't find it in the U listings so you check under which spelling


The patient reports that she has had breathing difficulties for the last few years that have been getting progressively worse. After testing, her disease is diagnosed as one that she will most likely have for the next several years. Her disease is considered to be:


The opposite of "hyper" is:


Indicates a therapeutic intervention


An instrument to measure the function of the eardrum

imaging procedure



An EGD is a procedure to ________ organs


The singular of bacteria is:

discharge from his ear.

A child is otorrhea. He has;


The term for the continual balancing act of the body system to provide an internal enviroment that is compatible with life is:


the liquid portion of blood is termed:


Red blood cells


Cells that attract an acidic dye and defend against allergens and parasities are


The process of radiographic visualization of the spleen with the use of a contrast medium is:


ELISA is a test for

blood culture

Propagation of microoraganisms that may be presented in the blood sample is a:


What is an iron-containing pigment of RBCs that carries oxygen to tissue?


The measurement of the percentage of RBCs in the blood is:


A test of blood plasma to detect coagulation defects of the intrinsic system that is used to detect hemophilia is:


What is the test for the measurement of time for the mature RBC's to settle out of blood sample after an anticoagulant is added?


What is a test to measure the average weight of hemoglobin per RBC that is useful in diagonosing anemia


What is a test that measures the amount of time taken for clot formation


A test for infectious mononucleois is

allergy test

A test of hypersensitivity is a(n):

autologous transfusion

The process in which a donor's own blood is removed and stored in anticipation of a future need is

artificial active acquired immunity

DPT and MMR vaccines are examples of which type of immunity

artifical passive acquired immunity

Immunoglobulins harvested from a donor who developed resistance against specific antigens is:

NK cells

Lymphocytes that act nonspecifically to kill cells taht have been infected by certain viruses and cancer cells that are a type of second-line defense are:


A blood sample of a patient with sickle cell anemia shows an abnormality of cell

carbon dioxide

what is the wast product that is excreted by the lungs


The area of the chest wall anterior to the heart lower thorax is


the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart is


What is a mechanical pump device that assists a patient's weakend heart

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