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King of Phaeacia. Odysseus tells the story of his adventures to him


beautiful goddess-nymph who keeps Odysseus on her island for seven years.


Female monster who sucks in water three time a day to form a whirlpool (thought to be the real whirlpool in the start of Messina)


People living on the southwestern coast of Thrace, who battled Odysseus and his men on their journey. The men kind of asked for it.


Are a race of brutish one-eyed giants who live solitary live as shepherds, supposedly on the island now know as sicily


The Cyclops blinded by Odysseus; the son of the sea god


female monster with six serpents heads, each head having a triple row of fangs (thought to be a dangerous rock in the strait of Messina)


Sea nymphs whose beautiful and mysterious music lures sailors to steer their ships towards the rocks


Famous blind prophet from the city of thebes. Odysseus meets him in the land of the dead. Blind prophet - external blindness suggests presence of true insight (blind justice)


Favorite daughter of Zeus; the great goddess of wisdom and arts of war and peace; she favored the greeks during the trojan war. she loves odysseus and always tries to protect


The sun god


Messanger God


God of the sea; brother of zeus. Called earth shaker because he believed to cause earthquakes. Enemy of Odysseus

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