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Johnny Tremain Questions

for board game
What was it that Otis said that meant a lot to Rab?
A man can stand up
What did Mr. Lapham confront Johnny about by making him read from Proverbs?
His pride
Who was Johnny to marry when he got older?
Who came into the shop to get a silver basin done?
John Hancock
What did Doctor Warren do to fix Johnny's hand?
Cut through the scar tissue
What did Johnny use to get out of Boston?
Pumpkin's uniform
Why couldn't all the members of the Observer's Club be arrested?
They had left
What was the problem that Isaanah was always having?
She can't keep anything down (throws up)
What did Johnny decide to do when he thought even God had turned His back on him?
Sell his cup to Merchant Lyte
What was to be the signal for Paul Revere if the British were coming by sea?
2 lanterns
What was to be the signal for Paul Revere if the British were coming by land?
1 lantern
Who were the 2 witnesses who testified on Johnny's behalf?
Cilla and Isaanah
Why was it ironic that Isaanah testified for Johnny?
She was asleep when Johnny first showed Cilla the cup.
What did Johnny find on the Lyte family tree?
That his mom's name had been scratched out.
What accident did Johnny have that crippled his hand?
He was making the silver basin, and Dove gave him the wrong crucible.
What was Johnny's link to Merchant Lyte?
The Silver Cup
Who did Johnny go to for advice on making the silver basin?
Paul Revere
What was Johnny doing wrong on the day of the accident?
Working on the Sabbath
What was Johnny's full name?
Jonathon Lyte Tremain
What did Johnny do so that Lieutenant Stranger would not take Goblin for the army?
Threw a sheet so that Goblin got scared.