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  1. credible
  2. tenacious
  3. incessant
  4. supplant
  5. hamper
  1. a never stopping, going on all the time antonyms; occasional, sporadic, intermittent
  2. b believable antonyms; unbelievable, implausible, improbable
  3. c to hold back antonyms; facilitate, ease, smooth the way
  4. d to take the place of, supersede
  5. e holding fast, holding together firmly, persistant antonyms; yielding, weak, gentle, lax, slack

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  1. slavery, any state of being bound or held down antonyms; freedom, liberty, independence
  2. frightful, horrible; deathly pale antonyms; pleasant, agreeable, attractive, delightful
  3. exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess antonyms; necessary, essential, vital, indispensable
  4. to shape or cut down with an axe, to hold to
  5. occurring or published after death antonyms; prenatal

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  1. primeasy to understand, clear, rational, sane antonyms; murky, muddy, obscure, unintelligible


  2. dolefulto pay for


  3. impoverishedcomplicated, difficult to understand antonyms; simple, uninvolved, uncomplicated


  4. defrayto pay for


  5. tauntto make up for