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French 12 Weeks Test:Paris Culture

Le Louvre
-one of the most popular art museums in the world
-houses mona lisa,venus de milo
L'Hôtel de Ville
-the main business center of Paris
-serves as town hall and gov. offices
-can get married there
-ice skating rink in winter
Notre Dame de Paris
-gothic cathedral
-now a church/meuseam
Le Musée d'Orsay
-art meuseam
-former train station
Le Centre George Pompidou/Beaubourg
-houses modern art museam
-has public library and research center
L'Arc de Triomphe
-l'arc=made in honor of men who died in Napoleon wars
Les Tuileries
-palace,gardens,2 meuseams,public park
-made in honor of late husband
Le Sacré Coeur et Monmartre
-roman catholic church
La Défense et La Grande Arche
-simular to Arche de Triomphe
-modern vision
-in business division
Le Panthéon
-built as a church then turned into a maulsoeam
La Sorbonne et le Quartier
-main building in Latin Quarter (university)
-Main 13 schools in Latin Quarter
Le Place de Concorde
-the biggest square in paris
-used as giotine in french revolution
La Tour Montparnasse
-a high rise skyscraper
-in middle of Paris
-only skyscraper
Le Sainte-Chapelle
-church most well known for its stain glass windows
-survived french revolution
Le Jardin du Luxembourg
-very popular park
-known for fun things to do