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Race and Racism in Science and Medicine

System to move beyond the visual determination of differences through skin color
Discipline of classifying organisms and assigning each organism a universally accepted name
The theory of multiple origins of the races of humankind was known as
an argument that is valid and has true premises.
Genetic Model of Disease
Idea that certain groups of people were inherently prone to disease
Extinction Thesis
Argued that due to lack of development, African Americans would all die by 1940's
Georgia Albums/Photographing the Color Line
Set of pictures taken by W. E. B. Dubois in order to prove that there were no biological innate differences between humans
Ellis Island
An immigrant receiving station that opened in 1892, where immigrants were given a medical examination and only allowed in if they were healthy
Public Health Surveillance
Method used in Ellis Island in order to determine who would be able to access the U.S. and who would be quarantined/prevented. Consisted of mainly visual methods.
Immigrant Menace
Idea that immigrants were bringing disease to America due to their lower status in society
Prove that you are qualified for your profession. Movement began around the progressive era.
Training of Physicians
During the Progressive Era, a push was made to create experts in the medical field by getting rid of unwanted practicians
Dent v. West Virginia
Case won by the state of Virginia that stated "No one had the right to practice medicine without having the necessary qualifications"
Flexner Report
Report performed by Abraham Flexner in order to
examine the sate of med education in the U.S.
Carl von Linnaeus
18th century biologist- created a system to specify an organism by its genus and species, called bionomial nomenclature. the "Father of Taxonomy"
Samuel Morton
Physician. Ranked races by cranial capacity
Josiah Nott
He was a southern physician. He articulated scientific explanations of white racial superiority based on an imputed link between skull size and intellectual ability.
Frederick Douglass
Deemed slavery against Natural Law and countered arguments that blacks were sub-human
Homer Plessy
Attempted to sit in "whites only" car on E. Louisiana R&R. Paved the way for Jim Crow laws
W.E.B. Du Bois
Created the Georgia Albums in order to prove that there were no biological innate differences between humans.
Joseph Lister
This man promoted the idea of sterilizing medical equipment before operating
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
Creator of the x-ray
Annie Moore
First immigrant to enter U.S. via Ellis Island
J. Marion Sims
Considered pioneer in surgery and gynecology.
Abraham Flexner
Nurtured the scientific and professional practice of medicine via the Flexner Report