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Polson's APAH: Late Gothic

Art and art historical terms of late gothic Europe
made from glue, gypsum, and/or chalk. used as a ground or primer for a painting on a piece of wood or canvas
an image of the enthroned madonna and child. maesta means "majesty"
A type of paint that uses pigment mixed with egg yolk, glue, or casein, also the medium itself.
In Christian architecture, the building used for baptism, usually situated next to a church
Painting (almost always tempera) on lime plaster. The plaster may be dry (fresco secco) or wet (buon fresco)
buon fresco
Type of fresco painting where the pigment is applied while the plaster ground is still wet. The pigment is chemically bound to the plaster
In drawing or painting, the treatment and use of light and dark, especially the gradations of light that create the effect of model
A monochrome painting done mainly in neutral grays to simulate sculpture
In the Renaissance, an emphasis on education and expanding knowledge. Also, the exlploration of individual potential, a desire to excel and a commitment to civic responsibility and moral duty
International Style
A style of art that was popular in the 14th and 15th century particularly among the Court of Burgundy. It was strongly influenced by the work of Simone Martini who combined elements of French Gothic art, Sienese art, and Northern European Art
The style of painted or sculptured representation based on close observation of the natural world that was at the core of the classical tradition
A method of presenting an illusion of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface
An altarpiece composed of more than three sections
fresco secco
Painting on dry lime plaster
bubonic plague
A disease carried by fleas on rats that causes boils and death in humans
When Gabriel tells Mary that she will give birth to Jesus
When Mary travels to visit Elizabeth
When the three wise men (magi) present Christ with gifts
When Jesus' followers took His body down from the cross
The entombment of Jesus when His followers gather to bury Him
When Christ raised from the dead 3 days after his death and entombment
When Jesus assended into heaven from Mount Olive after the ressurection
Florence Cathedral (Duomo)
Arnolfo do Cambio, 1296, Florence, Italian Gothic
Pisa Cathedral Baptistry Pulpit
Nicola Pisano, 1260, marble, Italian Gothic
Vigin and Child Enthroned (Cimabue)
Cimabue, 1280, Florence, tempera and gold on wood panel, 12'x7', Italian Gothic/Proto-Renaissance
Maesta Altarpiece
Duccio, 1308 - 1311, tempera on wood, 7'x13', Italian Gothic/Proto-Renaissance
Virgin and Child Enthroned (Giotto)
Giotto, 1305 - 1310, tempera and gold on wood, 10'x6', Italian Gothic/Proto-Renaissance
Fresco Cycle (Arena Chapel)
Gotto, 1305 - 1306, Italian Gothic/Proto-Renaissance
The Effects of Good and Bad Government
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, 1338 - 1339, Italian Gothic/Proto-Renaissance
Life of John the Baptist doors
Andrea Pisano, 1330 - 1336, 19"x17", Italian Gothic/Proto-Renaissance
Well of Moses
Claess Sluter, 1395 - 1506, International Gothic (Burgundian Court)
February from Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
Limbourg Brothers, 1413 - 1416, Illumination, 8"x5", International Gothic (Burgundian Court)
House of Jacques Coeur (interior courtyard)
1443 - 1451, Bourges, France, International Gothic