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Aphrodite luvs u!!!!!!!!!!!!

fav food


fav singer

selena gomez

fav actress

selena gomez

fav actor

channing tatum

fav song

party in the usa

fav stroke to swim

all except freestyle

fav drink

chocolate milkshake

fav subject


current amount of money


fav clothing store


fav brand of shoes


second fav brand of shoes


fav book

cross between the lightning theif and fablehaven

fav holiday


fav electronic


fav website


fav sport


fav pet


fav thing 2 do in summertime

tan time!

do u have a boyfriend?

yes, yes i do(my first one though)

secon fav food

hot diggity dogs!

fav movie

a cinderella story(lol!)

second fav movie

legally blonde

fav state

NY(i heart NY, lol!!)

funniest word in the world

????hmm..., cant say,..., theres a lot...,..,.,

funniest animal


worst subject in the world

hmm... most are pretty much equal

worst food in the world

steak(i know what u r thingking)

second fav subject

greek mythology

fav goddess

athena or aphrodite

fav god


hottest guy in the universe

channing tatum

second hottest guy in the universe

justin bieber

fav accesorie(s)

animal bracelets

fav blonde

taylor swift

other fav singer

hilary duff

fav band

dixie chicks

most tragic celeb break down

brittney spears

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