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  1. While insects can destroy crops grown for human consumption, they also contribute to crop
  2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of most insects
  3. One of the most important reasons for the success of insects is their ability to
  4. The external structure known as the "third eyelid" that protects the frog's eye under water
  5. Sea urchins and sand dollars are members of the class
  1. a pollinating crop plants
  2. b nicitating membrane
  3. c fly
  4. d echinoidea
  5. e an endoskeleton

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  1. dividing in half through the central region and regenerating the missing halves
  2. externally
  3. mark trails for members to find their way back to the nest.
  4. starlike
  5. closed circulatory system

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  1. What does a honeybee use for communicationdances


  2. The word amphibian is derived from Greek words meaningdouble life


  3. Amphibians without tails are classified in the orderApoda


  4. During metamorphosis in frogsgenerally return to the water to reproduce


  5. The class of Echinoderms that are very small, flattened, circular, with a row of circumference isCrinoidea