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  1. Amphibians that have snakelike bodies as no legs belong to the order
  2. Sea stars are members of the class
  3. During metamorphosis in frogs
  4. What are the characteristics of rays and skates
  5. Amphibians without tails are classified in the order
  1. a Asteroidea
  2. b Anura
  3. c Apoda
  4. d lugs replace gills, limbs develop, and the tail disappears
  5. e paired, winglike pectoral fins, primarily bottom dwellers, whiplike tail

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  1. ossicles
  2. Anura
  3. allows fishes to become more buoyant
  4. liver and pancreas
  5. pyloric ceca

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  1. The organ of a fish that filters the blood is theoral


  2. Chemoreception:smells and tastes::consists of 4 sets of bones on each side of the head


  3. The most familiar group of bony fishes are theray-finned fishes


  4. The word amphibian is derived from Greek words meaningAnura


  5. Pheromones are chemicals used by ants toAsteroidea