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  1. Sea cucumbers are members of the class
  2. The organ of a fish that filters the blood is the
  3. Ophiuroidea mean
  4. What does a honeybee use for communication
  5. The subphylum of chordates that makes up 95% of all the chordates is
  1. a snake tail
  2. b vertebrata
  3. c kidney
  4. d dances
  5. e Holothuroidea

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  1. Anura
  2. cloaca
  3. ray-finned fishes
  4. spine like
  5. bony fish

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  1. Member of the honeybee caste system that makes beeswax, collects nectar, and is sterile is thethe nervous system


  2. echinodermhedgehog skin


  3. The living jawless fish are thelampreys and hagfish


  4. Adult frogs, like other amphibians arecarnivores


  5. Frogs reproduce in water or moist places because their eggsare fertilized externally, have a jelly-like coating that is permeable to water, and will dry out if removed from moisture.