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  1. Sea stars are members of the class
  2. The largest and most important subphylum in the Phylum Chordata
  3. What is not part of the external anatomy of a bony fish (perch)
  4. The cartilaginous fish belong to the subphylum
  5. What is the system of water-filled canals connected to the tube feet in echinoderms is called
  1. a Vertebrata
  2. b water vascular
  3. c Asteroidea
  4. d Chondrichthyes
  5. e pyloric ceca

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  1. lampreys and hagfish
  2. metamorphosis
  3. dances
  4. It helps prevent desiccation in terrestrial vertebrates
  5. ray-finned fishes

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  1. Most insectshave two wings and three pairs of legs


  2. The primary excretory organs in frogs arekidneys


  3. Adult frogs, like other amphibians areAnura


  4. Malpighian tubules in insectshave two wings and three pairs of legs


  5. Sea cucumbers belong to the phylumEchinodermata