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  1. Sea stars are members of the class
  2. Adult frogs, like other amphibians are
  3. Sea lilies and feather stars are members of the class
  4. The primary excretory organs in frogs are
  5. Some sea stars can reproduce asexually by
  1. a kidneys
  2. b carnivores
  3. c dividing in half through the central region and regenerating the missing halves
  4. d Asteroidea
  5. e Crinoidea

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  1. Chondrichthyes
  2. snake tail
  3. abdomen
  4. are fertilized externally, have a jelly-like coating that is permeable to water, and will dry out if removed from moisture.
  5. liver and pancreas

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  1. Male frogs have a body opening by which sperm leave the body calledthey reproduce in large numbers, they evolved the ability to fly, and several species can inhabit an area without competing for food


  2. Echinodermshedgehog skin


  3. The second pair of wings of an insect are attached to themetathorax


  4. The class osteichthyes includesbony fish


  5. What is not found in all vertebratesstarlike