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  1. The external structure known as the "third eyelid" that protects the frog's eye under water
  2. Frogs reproduce in water or moist places because their eggs
  3. The subphylum of chordates that makes up 95% of all the chordates is
  4. Pheromones are chemicals used by ants to
  5. Frogs are amphibians of the order
  1. a Anura
  2. b mark trails for members to find their way back to the nest.
  3. c vertebrata
  4. d are fertilized externally, have a jelly-like coating that is permeable to water, and will dry out if removed from moisture.
  5. e nicitating membrane

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  1. Crinoidea
  2. are all members of the phylum chordata
  3. dances
  4. starlike
  5. radial

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  1. In the internal anatomy of bony fish, the following are accessory organs to the digestive systemliver and pancreas


  2. Echinoidea meansspine like


  3. Malpighian tubules in insectshave two wings and three pairs of legs


  4. Veins carry bloodtoward the heart


  5. The skeleton of an echinoderm is composed of individual plates calledmetamorphosis


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