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  1. Most insects
  2. The surface of the starfish that contains the mouth is the
  3. The word amphibian is derived from Greek words meaning
  4. What if not an adaptation that enable fish to live in water
  5. Echinoderms
  1. a double life
  2. b have two wings and three pairs of legs
  3. c are bilaterally symmetrical as larvae and radially symmetrical as adults
  4. d oral
  5. e jaws

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  1. lateral line : vibrations
  2. pollinating crop plants
  3. Ophiuroidea
  4. Anura
  5. Concentricyloidea

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  1. Ophiuroidea meansnake tail


  2. Veins carry bloodcovers and protects the gills


  3. Sea cucumbers belong to the phylumEchinodermata


  4. What is not a characteristic of the reproductive system of bony fishclosed circulatory system


  5. Fertilization In most bony fishes takes place whereray-finned fishes