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  1. The living jawless fish are the
  2. The series of changes in the life cycle of a frog is called
  3. Tadpoles respire through
  4. The surface of the starfish that contains the mouth is the
  5. Frogs reproduce in water or moist places because their eggs
  1. a metamorphosis
  2. b are fertilized externally, have a jelly-like coating that is permeable to water, and will dry out if removed from moisture.
  3. c gills
  4. d oral
  5. e lampreys and hagfish

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  1. double life
  2. lateral line : vibrations
  3. the lateral line system
  4. sand dollars
  5. Osteichthyes

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  1. Male frogs have a body opening by which sperm leave the body calledAnura


  2. The primary excretory organs in frogs arekidneys


  3. The organ of a fish that filters the blood is theaboral


  4. Sea urchins and sand dollars are members of the classechinoidea


  5. The operculumare bilaterally symmetrical as larvae and radially symmetrical as adults