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  1. The word amphibian is derived from Greek words meaning
  2. Amphibians without tails are classified in the order
  3. The primary excretory organs in frogs are
  4. The elaborates mouthparts of an insect include the lower lip called the
  5. While insects can destroy crops grown for human consumption, they also contribute to crop
  1. a Anura
  2. b double life
  3. c pollinating crop plants
  4. d kidneys
  5. e labium

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  1. externally
  2. Crinoidea
  3. dry skin with many scales
  4. consists of 4 sets of bones on each side of the head
  5. sand dollars

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  1. 95% of all known fishes belong to the classChondrichthyes


  2. Frogs are amphibians of the orderhas three chambers


  3. Insects have been very successful becausesymmetry, ossicles, tube feet


  4. Echinoderms have what characteristicssymmetry, ossicles, tube feet


  5. Which of the following is not a characteristic of most insectsan endoskeleton