US History- United States in World War 2

What was the rallying cry as America entered World War 2?
"Remember Pearl Harbor"
How many Americans enlisted to fight in the war after Pearl Harbor?
5 Million
What does "WAAC" stand for?
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
Who pushed for the formation of the WAAC?
Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall
What was the WAAC?
Women worked in non-combat roles such as nurses, ambulance drivers, radio operators, and pilots.
What industry did American's convert the auto-industry into?
War industry
What were 4 things the nation's automobile plants began to produce?
Planes, Tanks, Boats, Command Cars
By 1944, how many workers were laboring in the war industry?
18 million
What is the "OSRD"
Office of Scientific Research and Development
Who created the OSRD? For what reason?
FDR created it to bring scientists into the war effort
What did the OSRD focus on in order to locate submarines?
Radar and Sonar
What was the most important achievement of the OSRD?
The secret development of the atomic bomb
Who wrote to FDR warning him that the Germans were attempting to develop such a weapon?
What was the Manhattan Project?
The code used to describe American efforts to build the bomb
What was the "OPA"
Office of Price Administration
What did the OPA do? Why did FDR create it?
The OPA froze prices on most goods and encouraged the purchase of war bonds to fight inflation

FDR created this as a response to the threat of prices of goods rising out of control
What was the WPB?
War Production Board
Why did FDR create the WPB?
To ensure the troops had ample resources
What did the WPB do?
decided which companies would convert to wartime production and how to best allocate raw materials to those industries
Which group organized nationwide drives to collect scrap iron, tin cans, paper rags, and cooking-fat for recycling?
What was the Battle of the Atlantic?
America entered the war and Hitler was determined to prevent foods and war supplies from reaching Britain and the USSR from America's east coast; he ordered submarine raids on U.S ships on the Atlantic; Germany sank 87 U.S ships in the first 4 months
What fraction of sailors died during the Battle of the Atlantic?
What was Stalingrad?
A major industrial center
Who won the Battle of Stalingrad?
How many men did the Soviets lose in the Battle of Stalingrad?
more than 1 million
What was Operation Torch?
an invasion of Axis-controlled North Africa
Who launched Operation Torch?
American General Dwight D Eisenhower in 1942
Who led the chasing of the Afrika Korps?
German General Edwin Rommel
During Operation Torch, where did the allied troops land in?
Casablanca, Oran
What two leaders met at the Casablanca meeting?
FDR and Churchill
What were the next two moves that FDR and Churchill planned at the Casablanca meeting?
1) plan amphibious invasions of France & Italy
2) only unconditional surrender would be accepted
During the Italian Campaign, who had Mussolini stripped from power and arrested?
King Emmanuel the 3rd
Who were the Tuskegee Airmen?
All black fighter pilots in WW2
What was Operation Overlord?
Dramatic Invasion of France, also known as D-Day
What date was D-Day?
June 6th, 1994
What was D-Day?
largest land-sea-air operation in military history
What helped elect FDR to an unprecedented 4th term?
The American's people's desire not to "change horses in midstream"
What was the name of the first German town that the American's captured? (Battle of the Bulge)
Which battle seemed to be Germany's "last gasp"?
Battle of the Bulge- Germany lost almost everything
Who had discovered the death camps that were set up within Poland?
How did Hitler commit suicide?
Gave poison to his wife and shot himself
Who was the wife that Hitler was married to when he committed suicide?
Eva Braun
What did Hitler state in his last note?
He blamed the Jews for starting the war and his generals for losing it
Who accepted the unconditional surrender of the Third Reich?
General Eisenhower
What was V-E day?
Victory in Europe day
What was the date of V-E day?
May 8th, 1945
What date did Roosevelt die?
April 12th, 1945
Who became president after FDR died?
his VP Harry S Truman
What groups of people were the main Allied forces in the Pacific?
Americans and Australians
What happend in the Battle of the Coral Sea?
May 1942, Allied forces succeeded in stopping the Japanese drive toward Australia in the five-day Battle of the Coral Sea
Who was Admiral Chester Nimitz?
Commander of American Naval forces in the Pacific
What happened in the Battle of Midway?
Japan was headed toward Midway Island, a strategic island northwest of Hawaii, the naval forces moved to defend the island, and the Americans won a decisive victory as their planes destroyed 4 Japanese aircrafts and 250 planes
What does 'kamikaze' translate to?
divine wind
What was Japan's new tactic?
Kamikaze attacks- pilots in small bomb-laden planes would crash into Allied ships?
Which Japanese island did the American soldiers plant the flag on after their victory and was called the most heavily defended spot on earth ?
Iwo Jima
What happend in the battle of Okinawa?
April 1945: U.S marines invaded Okinawa. Japan unleashed 1,900 Kamikaze attacks. Americans lost 7600 marines and Japan lost 110,000 soldiers
After Okinawa, what was Truman's solution instead of invading Japan?
To use the atomic bomb that was worked on in the Manhattan Project
Who warned Japan that without immediate surrender , they would face "prompt and utter destruction?
President Truman
What were the names of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Who said, "Today the guns are silent, The skies no longer rain death, the entire world is quietly at peace"
General MacArthur
What date did Japan officially surrender?
August 14th, 1945
Who was all at the Yalta Conference in February 1945?
FDR, Churchill, and Stalin
What happend at the Yalta Conference?
A series of compromises were worked out concerning postwar Europe
What were the 3 Yalta agreements?
1) agreed to divide Germany into 4 occupied zones after war
2) Stalin agreed to free elections in Eastern Europe
3) Stalin agreed to help the U.S in the war against Japan and join the United Nations
What were the Nuremberg War Trials?
Trial that was held in Nuremberg Germany after the discovery of Hitler's death camps. The Allies put 24 surviving Nazi leaders on trial for crimes against humanity, peace, and war crimes.
What happened during the seven year occupation?
MacArthur reshaped Japan's economy by introducing free-market economy that led to a remarkable economic recovery
What was the GI Bill of Rights? (Servicemen's Readjustment Act)
It was made to help the returning of servicemen easier. This act provided 7.8 million vets an education