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an arrangement in which a bank keeps your money safe so you can pay more in or take money out.


a member in your family who lived a long time ago.


metal cloth that protects your body, worn by soldiers in battles in past times.


words printed above or below a picture to explain what the picture showing.


to open a safe illegally in order to steal the things inside it.


a continous movement in river, sea or lake.


to change the message writen in a code into ordinary language so that you can read it.


a fact or thing that someone finds out about, when it was not known about before.


when people vote to choose someone for an official position.


extremely important and necessary.

forensic science

relating to the scientific methods used for finding out about a crime.


the right to do what you want without being controlled by anyone.


someone who has completed a course at a college.


a natural home of a plant or animal.


political freedom from control by the government of another country.

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