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adj. Showing too much pride in oneself.


v. To join others in refusing to deal with a person or group. n. The act of boycotting.


n. A series of actions intended to accomplish a goal. A series of military actions in a particular area. v. To take part in actions planned to accomplish a particular goal.


n. A formal event held in honor of a special occasion.


n. Control over and responsibility for care. In the keeping of the police; in jail.


v. To bring shame or disgrace upon. adj. Causing shame or disgrace.


v. To stop or hold; to keep from going on.


v. To reach out. To offer. To make longer. To stretch or lie.


v. To unite into a whole; especially to end the separation of races. n. The act of uniting or bringing together; especially people of different races.


v. To keep separate or apart. n. The act of keeping separate or apart.


adj. The highest rank or position. Of the greatest importance.


n. A noteworthy success. The joy winning brings. v. To win. adj. Joyful over a victory or success.


v. To make empty, as by leaving.


n. The decision reached at the end of a trial.


v. To break, as a law or a promise. To treat in an impoper or disrespectful way. n. A breaking of or failing to keep something like a law or a promise.

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