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is located at the very tip of the cochlea - where the tip of the memb. lab. ends a bit short of the bony lab. - where the scala vestibuli and scala tympani connect and allow the hydraulic wave to turn around and return to the round window via the scala tympani


nerve fibers meet up with other nerve fibers innervating other regions of the cochlea by the time they reach the base of the modilous all these fibers exit the cochlea in a big bundle or branch

acoustic/auditory branch of the VIII cranial nerve

-located at the base of the modiolous - where auditory nerve fibers exit the cochlea

vesitbular branch of the VIII cranial nerve

where individual nerve fibers from the vestibular structures leaves their respective structure

spiral lamina

a bony shelf running the entire length of the cochlea - supports the basilar membrane and organ of corti on the left side - is wide at the base of the cochlea and becomes more narrow at the tip

basilar membrane

is narrow at the base and wide at the apex

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