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The Homeric epic, the iliad, deals with...

the war to capture Troy

The author of The Iliad was


The political structure of the ancient Greeks

usually consisted of independent, autonomous city-states

The Mycenaeans recieved early, indirect influence from the Eyptians and Phoenicians through their contact with the


The best example of minoan culture can be seen in the remains of


The Mycenaeans adopted the Minoan written language to their own needs, and developed a syllablic script called

Linear B

The Minoans wrote with a script, not yet deciphered known as

Linear A

The GReeks used the word Polis to refer to

The City-State ( meaning refuge place )

The Spartans were constantly afraid of tthe possibility of a revolt by serfs know as


Distinction and reputation among the Spartans came from

Disipline and military talent

Athenian democracy, was open to

All male citizens

The leader who forged a compromise between Athens' social classes by the by allowing the aristocrats to keep their land while also providing representation for the common classes was


This word was used to by Greeks to refer to Greek generals or politicians who, although often popular, gained power by irregular or illegal means?


What events occurred during the leadership of Pericles?

Athenian democrcy reached its high point, it also became the most culturally sophisticated city-state, and there was expansion and arrogance helped start the Peloponneisain War.

The decisive naval battle of the Persian War was faught at..


What did not happen because of Greek colonization?

A centralized Greek nation

Under whose leadership did Athens become the most sophisticated Greek city-state


The Persian naval defeat which cost Persia the war was viewed by...


Who won the Peloponnesian war?


In the years following the Persian Wars, the leader of the Delian League was...


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