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  1. Battle of the Wilderness
  2. Turning point in battle of Civil War
  3. Albert Sidney Johnston
  4. Andersonville
  5. Monitor vs Merrimac
  1. a one of the most brutal prison camps in Civil War. Union prisoner of war camp near Andersonville, GA
  2. b commander of the Confederate army at Shiloh. Bled to death under a tree at this battle.
  3. c horrific battle in which 200 men were burned alive
  4. d Gettysburg
  5. e ships that were covered with iron. Bullets, cannons, etc would bounce off of them. Chnaged forever the way ships were made.

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  1. the first capital of the Confederacy.
  2. Lee's right hand man. Was killed by his own men at the Battle of Chancellorsville
  3. woman who cleaned up the nursing profession and made it respectable
  4. naval commander who captured New Orleans
  5. Fort in Georgia for which the 54th Massachusetts proved that black soldiers could fight as well as or better than white soldiers

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  1. Robert E. Leemuch admired commander of the southern forces. Taught people how to lose as well as win with grace.


  2. Emancipation Proclamationthe north's plan to win the war-get control of the MS river and cut the south in two, capture Richmond, blockage the southern coast


  3. total warSherman did this when he marched to the sea-destroyed everything in his path


  4. Battle of Vicksburg48 day siege in which the citizens of Vicksburg ate rats, etc and lived in caves. Grant starved the people out and they surrendered on July 4, 1863. Would not celebrate July 4 for 81 years. After Vicksburg's capture, the South was cut in two and the MS river was Union highway


  5. Jeb Stuartthe "eyes and ears of the Confederate army"