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  1. Ft. Sumter
  2. Gettysburg Address
  3. Pickett's charge
  4. Jeb Stuart
  5. Ford's theater
  1. a place where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while watching "Our American Cousin"
  2. b the first battle of the civil war. Fought in a fort in Charleston Harbor. South won. Only casualty was a horse.
  3. c 15,000 Confederates attacked the union line at the Battle of Gettysburg and were destroyed. Led by George Pickett. Crater Incident happened here.
  4. d This inspiring address at the battlefield in Gettysburg helped war weary Americans focus on their shared ideals. Lincoln's masterpiece
  5. e the "eyes and ears of the Confederate army"

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  1. ships that were covered with iron. Bullets, cannons, etc would bounce off of them. Chnaged forever the way ships were made.
  2. Appomattox Courthouse, VA on April 9, 1865
  3. Lincoln vs. George McClellan. Lincoln won easily because Sherman had captured Atlanta
  4. Pres and VP of Confederacy
  5. Lincoln's first choice for commander of the Union forces, but he would not attack

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  1. Montgomery, ALthe first capital of the Confederacy.


  2. Stonewall JacksonSherman did this when he marched to the sea-destroyed everything in his path


  3. April 9, 1865day Lincoln surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, VA


  4. Anaconda Planthe north's plan to win the war-get control of the MS river and cut the south in two, capture Richmond, blockage the southern coast


  5. Battle of Vicksburg48 day siege in which the citizens of Vicksburg ate rats, etc and lived in caves. Grant starved the people out and they surrendered on July 4, 1863. Would not celebrate July 4 for 81 years. After Vicksburg's capture, the South was cut in two and the MS river was Union highway