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  1. results of civil war
  2. battle of Appomattox Courthouse, VA
  3. Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens
  4. Richmond, VA
  5. April 9, 1865
  1. a federal gov was now and forever more important than the states and had more power; no more slavery; sped up the development of industry
  2. b last major battle of the war. Intense hand to hand combat. Lee surrendered to Grant there.
  3. c Pres and VP of Confederacy
  4. d Confederate capital for much of the war
  5. e day Lincoln surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, VA

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  1. date of Lincoln's assasination
  2. came up with the idea of controlling the MS river and blockading the south to achieve victory for the north
  3. Lee's finest hour. He won the battle with far less soldiers
  4. commander of the Confederate army at Shiloh. Bled to death under a tree at this battle.
  5. this conflict was actually a 10 month siege which reduced Lee's army

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  1. Ford's theaterplace where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while watching "Our American Cousin"


  2. Ulysses S. Grantthe "eyes and ears of the Confederate army"


  3. Ambrose Burnsideknown for the catastrophe at Marye's Heights. 9,000 union soldiers were killed in a disasterous charge up Marye's Heights at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Also known for his facial hair. His men would not cheer him after Fredericksburg. Also known as Crater Incident at Petersburg


  4. Battle of Vicksburg48 day siege in which the citizens of Vicksburg ate rats, etc and lived in caves. Grant starved the people out and they surrendered on July 4, 1863. Would not celebrate July 4 for 81 years. After Vicksburg's capture, the South was cut in two and the MS river was Union highway


  5. Clara Bartona southerner who has northern sympathies