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  1. Andersonville
  2. Turning point in battle of Civil War
  3. George McClellan
  4. Albert Sidney Johnston
  5. North's main goal
  1. a Gettysburg
  2. b commander of the Confederate army at Shiloh. Bled to death under a tree at this battle.
  3. c preserve the Union
  4. d Lincoln's first choice for commander of the Union forces, but he would not attack
  5. e one of the most brutal prison camps in Civil War. Union prisoner of war camp near Andersonville, GA

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  1. horrific battle in which 200 men were burned alive
  2. Sherman did this when he marched to the sea-destroyed everything in his path
  3. naval commander who captured New Orleans
  4. date of Lincoln's assasination
  5. much admired commander of the southern forces. Taught people how to lose as well as win with grace.

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  1. Pickett's chargeplace where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while watching "Our American Cousin"


  2. Winfield Scottcame up with the idea of controlling the MS river and blockading the south to achieve victory for the north


  3. Battle of FredericksburgConfederate victory. Marye's Heights. Northern lights appeared in the sky


  4. battle statesthe first battle of the civil war. Fought in a fort in Charleston Harbor. South won. Only casualty was a horse.


  5. Ulysses S. Grantfinal commander of Union army. He would not retreat